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Chibi-Robo! Zip Lash Cheats For 3DS

  1. Infinite capsules from capsule machine

    Once you beat the final boss, the capsule machine will never run out of capsules. However, you still pay 50 coins per capsule.

    Contributed by: hooblashoo 

  2. Unlockable Costumes

    You can get costume codes after saving the lost alien in each level. Codes can also be found on Miiverse and you can share your codes with others!

    90841 1-1 Nine-Lives Ninja
    31389 1-2 Head in the Game
    08201 1-3 Pinkasaurus Rex
    28382 1-4 Double Agent
    22801 1-6 Mario
    87164 2-1 Cluckertron
    73396 2-2 Intrepid Explorer
    65465 2-4 Spooky Skeleton
    62985 2-5 Disco Dude
    53612 2-6 Dillon
    46177 3-1 Dashboard Dancer
    11156 3-3 Scoundrel of the Seas
    86229 3-4 Adventurous Astronaut
    53540 3-5 Link (Toon Link)
    45379 3-6 Rubber Ducky
    38655 4-1 Miniature Matador
    49787 4-2 Wattson
    57749 4-3 Mysterious Mushroom
    15626 4-5 Undead Avenger
    17885 4-6 Tingle
    78313 5-1 Chrome Quarterback
    64387 5-2 Luigi
    35702 5-3 Pin-Sized Pep Squad
    73231 5-4 Stylin' Shooter
    76344 5-6 Charbroiled Chibi
    33215 6-1 Chibi-Snowbo
    38060 6-2 Robo Claus
    22399 6-4 Captain Rainbow
    19303 6-5 Man's Tiniest Best Friend
    45522 6-6 Li'l Swetheart
    48087 7-1 Black Belt Bot
    72799 7-2 Metallic Maid
    53666 7-3 Cubicled Crusader
    46482 7-4 Pinch Hitter
    Deliver All Snacks to Birdie Birdie
    Deliver All Snacks to Crash Crash
    Deliver All Snacks to Drake Redcrest Drake Redcrest II
    Deliver All Snacks to Krushelmeyer Krushelmeyer
    Deliver All Snacks to Peggy Peggy
    Deliver All Snacks to Toby Toby

    Contributed by: Ampria, nds4all, yoshdoesthings, JusticeLeaguer8 

  3. Amiibo pose figures in the Chibi-Capsule machine.

    Scanning any Amiibo other than Chibi-Robo from the Amiibo menu in the Chibi-House will yield either 50 or 100 coins per scan; this can be done up to 20 times a day, albeit with different figures. However, scanning certain Amiibo will also add a figure based on that Amiibo to the Chibi-Capsule machine. These are still added to your collection via random pulls from the machine, but they otherwise cannot be obtained. Note that figures with variants all yield the same figure (e.g. Mario and Dr. Mario, Smash Bros. series Meta Knight and Kirby series Meta Knight, any version of Link, etc.).

    Scan Luigi Amiibo 105. Luigi Pose (Rare)
    Scan Peach Amiibo 106. Peach Pose (Rare)
    Scan Toad Amiibo 107. Toad Pose (Rare)
    Scan Rosalina Amiibo 108. Rosalina Pose (Rare)
    Scan Bowser Amiibo 109. Bowser Pose (Rare)
    Scan Zelda Amiibo 110. Zelda Pose (Rare)
    Scan Samus Amiibo 111. Samus Pose (Rare)
    Scan Diddy Kong Amiibo 112. Diddy Kong Pose (Rare)
    Scan Marth Amiibo 113. Marth Pose (Rare)
    Scan Robin Amiibo 114. Robin Pose (Rare)
    Scan Palutena Amiibo 115. Palutena Pose (Rare)
    Scan Wario Amiibo 138. Wario Pose (Super Rare)
    Scan Sheik Amiibo 139. Sheik Pose (Super Rare)
    Scan King Dedede Amiibo 140. King Dedede Pose (Super Rare)
    Scan Ike Amiibo 141. Ike Pose (Super Rare)
    Scan Lucina Amiibo 142. Lucina Pose (Super Rare)
    Scan Mii Gunner Amiibo 143. Mii Gunner Pose (Super Rare)
    Scan Dark Pit Amiibo 144. Dark Pit Pose (Super Rare)
    Scan Inkling Girl Amiibo 145. Inkling Girl Pose (Super Rare)
    Scan Bowser Jr. Amiibo 169. Bowser Jr. Pose (Mega Rare)
    Scan Ganondorf Amiibo 170. Ganondorf Pose (Mega Rare)
    Scan Falco Amiibo 171. Falco Pose (Mega Rare)
    Scan Meta Knight Amiibo 172. Meta Knight Pose (Mega Rare)
    Scan Shulk Amiibo 173. Shulk Pose (Mega Rare)
    Scan Wii Fit Trainer Amiibo 174. Wii Fit Trainer Pose (Mega Rare)
    Scan Inkling Boy Amiibo 175. Inkling Boy Pose (Mega Rare)
    Scan Ness Amiibo 195. Ness Pose (Ridiculously Rare)
    Scan Little Mac Amiibo 196. Little Mac Pose (Ridiculously Rare)
    Scan Inkling Squid Amiibo 197. Inkling Squid Pose (Ridiculously Rare)
    Scan Duck Hunt Amiibo 198. Duck Hunt Pose (Ridiculously Rare)
    Scan R.O.B. Amiibo 199. R.O.B. Pose (Ridiculously Rare)
    Scan Mr. Game & Watch Amiibo 200. Mr. Game & Watch Pose (Ridiculously Rare)
    Scan Mario Amiibo 69. Mario Pose (Uncommon)
    Scan Yoshi Amiibo 70. Yoshi Pose (Uncommon)
    Scan Link Amiibo 71. Link Pose (Uncommon)
    Scan Donkey Kong Amiibo 72. Donkey Kong Pose (Uncommon)
    Scan Kirby Amiibo 73. Kirby Pose (Uncommon)
    Scan Captain Falcon Amiibo 74. Captain Falcon Pose (Uncommon)
    Scan Fox Amiibo 75. Fox Pose (Uncommon)
    Scan Mii Swordfighter Amiibo 76. Mii Swordfighter Pose (Uncommon)
    Scan Olimar Amiibo 77. Olimar Pose (Uncommon)
    Scan Pit Amiibo 78. Pit Pose (Uncommon)
    Scan Villager Amiibo 79. Villager Pose (Uncommon)
    Scan Mii Brawler Amiibo 80. Mii Brawler Pose (Uncommon)

    Contributed by: JusticeLeaguer8 

  4. Music Player

    To unlock, beat every stage in world 1-6 with all candy, chibi-tots, and big coins. Collecting all of a collectible on a specific stage will earn you a badge, these are what you need. Telly will inform you when you unlock it, and you talk to him to access it. EDIT: Earning all the world 7 badges will unlock its corresponding music, along with amiibo menu music, Drake Redcrest's theme with lyrics, and the credits music.

    Collect all badges in Worlds 1-6 Music Player
    Collect all badges in World 7 World 7 music + Extras

    Contributed by: hooblashoo 

  5. Unlock World 7: Asia stages

    After beating the game and unlocking the "forever-full" capsule machine, you have a chance to unlock an extra stage in a new world with each pull from the machine instead of a figurine. Each pull still costs 50 moolah.

    Obtain a capsule with a level inside from the Capsule Machine. Can be done 6 times) World 7: Asia

    Contributed by: DraconiumMaster