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Carnage Racing Cheats For PC

  1. Steam Achievements

    Won 5 races! Beginner Winner
    Complete all of the goals in the game. Carnage Master
    Champion of Carnage - Amazing feat - Won 500 races! Champion of Carnage
    Grand Master - 50 Consecutive Race Wins! Grand Master
    Making it Look Easy - 25 Consecutive Race Wins! Making it Look Easy
    Online Deity - Played 100 races online! Online Deity
    Online Demi-God - Played 50 online races! Online Demi-God
    Online Enthusiast - Played 25 races online! Online Enthusiast
    Serial Winner - 5 Consecutive Race Wins! Serial Winner
    Super Fan - Played 20 consecutive days! Super Fan
    Triple Day Play - Played 3 consecutive days! Triple Day Play
    Complete 66 goals to unlock the Speedster class. Unlocked Speedster
    Complete 32 goals to unlock the Trickster car class. Unlocked Trickster
    Week Sauce - Played 7 consecutive days! Week Sauce
    Won 100 races! Winner of the Century
    Won 20 Races! Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

    Contributed by: Guard Master