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Bloody Roar II Cheats For PlayStation

  1. Beast Drive background for win pose

    After defeating your enemy in the final round, go to beast form (if not beast already) and use your character's beast drive attack (L1 by default or the controller motion given in the manual). After the replays run through, your character's human win pose will be performed in front of the Beast drive attack background (grid walls and floor, black everywhere else).

    Contributed by: Adrian 

  2. Full-screen Pause

    During a fight, pause the game and hold the R2 button to view the pause at full screen.

    Contributed by: Tunchi 

  3. Rematch

    After a VS. battle, press L1 to play a rematch.

    Contributed by: Mirby 

  4. Extra Costumes

    Complete Arcade mode with all of the characters, then at the character selection screen press start to choose an extra fourth costume.

    Contributed by: Robshi 

  5. Unlockables

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Defeat 15 opponents in Survival mode. Any Cancel Point in Custom Mode
    Beat Story-Mode Big Arm Head
    Beat Story-Mode Big Head Mode
    Unlock all pictures in Story mode. Charge Speed
    Complete Arcade Mode with any character. Gado
    Beat Story-Mode Kids Mode
    Complete Story Mode Model Type
    Complete Story mode without continuing. Recover Speed
    Complete Arcade Mode without continuing and defeat Shen Long. Shen Long

    Contributed by: Asch The Hated, Da Hui 

  6. Expert Mode

    Effect Effect
    At the Title Screen hold L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 and pick any option. Expert Mode

    Contributed by: KasketDarkfyre 

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