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Bayonetta 2 Cheats For Wii U

  1. Turn Jets Into Arwings

    In both the Prologue and Chapter 16, wearing the Star Mercenary costume will change the jets into an Arwing from Starfox. While the Prologue is purely cosmetic, Chapter 16 on other hand is fully playable and changes the way the Jetfighter Assult section is played.

    Contributed by: wolffster25 

  2. Infinite Climax (Difficulty)

    Complete the game on the difficulty setting 3rd Climax to unlock Infinite Climax Difficulty.

    Contributed by: MBBDarigon 

  3. Witch Trials Mode

    Complete the game's single player campaign on any difficulty level.

    Contributed by: MBBDarigon 

  4. How To Move The Samus Costume's Visor (Wii U Version Only)

    To move the Samus costume's visor at any time during gameplay and/or cutscenes you simply hold Down on the Directional-Pad for a few seconds.

    Contributed by: MBBDarigon 

  5. Start Battles in Witch-Time

    During cutscenes, you can press the trigger buttons (ZL/ZR) to make Bayonetta avoid attacks, there is no prompt or anything, but if done correctly, you will start the battle after the scene in Witch-Time.

    Contributed by: OuendanCyrus 

  6. Unlock Cutscene Skip Shortcut

    After completing the Story mode on any difficulty, you can use the a shortcut command to skip any cutscene by using the following button combination: ZR + the Minus (-) Button simultaneously This lets you skip cutscenes without having to use the pause menu.

    Contributed by: SonicTHP 

  7. Quicker Rotation

    Quick-Time Events and prompts that require you to rotate the analog stick (such as during some boss-finishing climaxes) can be sped up if you rotate BOTH analog sticks at once. This also works when concocting items in the Witch's Recipes menu.

    Contributed by: OuendanCyrus 

  8. Bewitchments

    While the Wii U doesn't have a system analogous to Achievements on Xbox 360 or Trophies on PlayStation 3, both of which the original Bayonetta appeared on and took advantage of, there is an in-game list of "Bewitchments" the player can obtain by completing certain tasks, effectively functioning the same way. There are thirty in all.

    Defeat all enemies in Jetfighter Assault. Ace Pilot
    Complete the Records of Time on any difficulty. After the End Comes...
    Create your first Concoction. Apprentice of Secret Arts
    Touch Bayonetta once during 10 different cutscenes. Bad Boy!
    Defeat Rodin. Beautiful!
    Collect every Verse Card. Card Collector
    Complete Chapter VII on any difficulty. Chapter VII Complete
    Complete Chapter XVI on any difficulty. Chapter XVI Complete
    Complete Chapters I through IV on any difficulty. Chapters I-IV Complete
    Complete Chapters V and VI on any difficulty. Chapters V-VI Complete
    Complete Chapters VIII and IX on any difficulty. Chapters VIII-IX Complete
    Complete Chapters X through XII on any difficulty. Chapters X-XII Complete
    Complete Chapters XIII through XV on any difficulty. Chapters XIII-XV Complete
    Defeat 20 Angels with Torture Attacks. Cruel Witchcraft
    Defeat Balder in Chapter XII without taking damage. Darkness Envelops Light
    Defeat 30 Angels with Umbran Climaxes. Destroyer of the Light
    Collect all Angelic Hymns Gold LPs. Discography
    Complete all of Muspelheim. End Ruler
    In Story Mode, freeze over 40 non-ice elemental enemy types with Undine. Ice Queen
    Open all of the Umbra Witches’ final resting places. Liberator of Time
    Concoct every possible item at least once. Master of Secret Arts
    Make your first purchase at the Gates of Hell. Prepared for Anything
    Complete the Prologue on any difficulty. Prologue Complete
    Defeat 20 Demons with Torture Attacks. Relentless Witchcraft
    In Story Mode, tie up and slam down enemies 50 times with Alruna. Retribution of Thorns
    Collect all of the Journal’s Echoes. Scrapbook Complete
    Defeat 30 Demons with Umbran Climaxes. Survivor of Darkness
    Playing ∞ Climax mode, complete every chapter. True Witch
    Acquire all skills. Umbran Successor
    Complete a Muspelheim challenge. War on All Planes

    Contributed by: JusticeLeaguer8 

  9. Hidden Door Shops: Code, Locations and Reward

    At specific locations in chapters 1, 2 and 4, you can find certain random, unmarked doors that secretly hide shops. Knock on the doors 3 times (tap your gamepad as if you are knocking) and you will see the screen shift for a short period of time

    Enter the following code (be quick, you only have a short window to do so) and you will be given the option of purchasing a reward for a (hefty) halo price. See guides for how to farm halos more easily

    These rewards range from top tier accessories, to hidden weapons, even to all the unlockable chararacters (both in campaign and tag climax). You can access them without needing the specific collectables or having to beat the difficulty mode/challenge to obtain them. Detailed is both the code and location of the door, its rewards and the halo price for purchase. Pictures are included as well

    *Note, the doors can only be activated if you do not already possess the reward*

    Up, Down, Up, Right, Left, X, B, Y, A After knocking three times on the specified door, input the code to be taken to a purchase prompt
    Chain Chomp (1 million Halos) Chapter 1, after Verse 4 where you open the door, small bridge in alleyway before square leading to church square
    Climax Brace 2 (2.5 million Halos) Chapter 1, the door right next to the Bracelet of Time
    Rodin Weapon (5 million Halos) Chapter 1, the next door across from chain chomp, also on a small bridge
    Eternal Testimony (2.5 million Halos) Chapter 1, Verse 1, bigger brown door underneath the 2nd floor passageway center right of the plaza
    Climax Brace (2.5 million halos) Chapter 1, Verse 1, brown door in the center right of the plaza area
    Bracelet of Time (1 million Halos) Chapter 1, Verse 1, two green doors found in the far left corner of in the central plaza area
    Rosa Character (1 million Halos) Chapter 2, green door a few passes past Jeannes door. Next to a green resturaunt menu on a tripod
    Jeanne Character (500K Halos) Chapter 2, Verse 1, brown door to the right as soon as you start the Chapter
    Rodin Character (10 million Halos) Chapter 4, right after Balders door and Loki cutscene, door is in a back alley next to crates
    Balder (5 million Halos) Chapter 4, Verse 6, first green door to the right when you kick down the large door to enter the night city

    Contributed by: bvillebro 

  10. Unlock additional playable characters for Story Mode and Tag Climax.

    Next to Bayonetta there are 4 additional characters that are playable in the game. However, Rodin and Balder are limited to being playable in Tag Climax only.

    Beat Verse Card no. 13 in Tag Climax mode. Balder
    Beat Story Mode on any difficulty. Jeanne
    Beat Verse Card no. 53 in Tag Climax mode. Rodin
    Beat Story Mode on 3rd Climax difficulty. Rosa

    Contributed by: HeartlessBowser 

  11. Angelic Hymns Gold LP

    Returning the lost record to Rodin allows you to gain a new weapon.

    Complete all Chapters on 3rd Climax Chain Chomp + Purchasable Umbran Elegance
    Found in Chapter 5, Verses 1 and 4 Chernobog + Umbran Elegance
    Complete Chapter 2, Verse 5 Kafka / Samsa + Purchasable Umbran Elegance
    Complete Chapter 1, Verse 6 Rakshasa / Rasetsu + Purchasable Alt. + Purchasable Umbran Elegance
    Found in Chapter 10, Verses 3, 6, and 8 Salamandra / Agni + Purchasable Alt.
    Found in Chapter 8, Verses 5 and 7, and Chapter 9, Verse 6 Takemikazuchi / Yagyu + Purchasable Umbran Elegance
    Found in Chapter 4, Verses 1 and 6 Undine / Rusalka + Purchasable Alt.

    Contributed by: Lord_Darkly