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AirForce Delta Strike Cheats For PlayStation 2

  1. The mysterious medal (slot 6)

    The mysterious 6th medal is called the Skull Medal.

    To unlock it, you'll have to be shot down at least 30 tmes.

    Meaning, you can't crash on purpose a ton of times. You must actually be shot down. For instance by: Tanks, crabs, (air/space)craft, security radar. But not tornados, walls, and anti-air grids.

    Contributed by: DDude904 

  2. Secret Aircrafts

    By meeting certain conditions, you can unlock various secret aircrafts from other various games that Konami developed in the past. To use the aircrafts, press the Square button to enter the secret hangar. Remember to save the game upon completion of the game to be able to purchase the aircraft in the new game.

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Purchase 50% of all aircrafts for all pilots. Aura Wing
    Purchase all aircrafts for all pilots. Axelay
    Earn all 8 medals for one pilot. Block Shooter
    Purchase all sets of aircraft for one pilot. Blue Thunder
    Destroy 150 aircrafts with any pilots. Falsion
    Have a total of 100 Ace Kills for one pilot. FlintRock
    Complete the game with a pilot from 1st Element. Jerry Mouse
    Complete the game with a pilot from 3rd Element. Manbou
    Destroy 150 ground target with any pilots. MX5000
    View all the ending sequences in the game. Penta
    Purchase all aircrafts for the pilot, Ruth Valentine. POLY
    Have a total of 150 Takeoffs for one pilot. Super Fighter
    Complete the game with a pilot from 2nd Element. TwinBee
    Complete the game for the first time. You can buy the Vic Viper after completing the first mission of the second replay of the game. Vic Viper

    Contributed by: Asch The Hated 

  3. Unlock Character Viewer

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Beat the game once with Ellen unlocked Character Viewer

    Contributed by: Rorshacma 

  4. Restore HP and Ammo mid mission

    Enter this code while paused during a mission. It can only be used once.
    Make sure to use the corresponding stick mentioned in the code. Using the D-Pad or incorrect stick will result in nothing happening.

    Effect Effect
    Up Up Down Down (Enter this using the Left Analog Stick) Left Right Left Right (Enter this using the Right Analog Stick) L3 R3 Fully restore HP and Missiles (Usuable once per mission, does not refill special weapons)
    Pause the game and press Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, X, Circle Self Destruct

    Contributed by: ForteMP3, gsgreg 

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