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A Short Hike Cheats For PC

  1. Steam Achievements

    Eat a piece of toast. Crispy
    Collect 10 golden feathers. Feather Finder
    Find every feather. Feathers Forever
    You made it to the top! Hawk Peak
    Beat each parkour race once. Parkour Master
    Get the commemorative hat. Remember This Day Forever
    Take a nice long nap. The End
    Trade every species of fish from the journal. The Fish Are Biting Today

    Contributed by: FvP 

A Short Hike Cheats For Nintendo Switch

  1. Access Cheat Menu

    While playing the game press R, ZR, L, ZL, Left Stick Down, Right Stick Down and Minus all at the same time. This will activate the Cheats menu which will appear within the Options menu. From there you can select different cheats.

    stuffplz Gives a shovel, a fishing rod, a bucket, a pickaxe, 300 coins, the running shoes, and 5 feathers
    showtimeplz Graphic settings
    nouiplz Hide the user interface
    loadgameplz Loads the game's most recent saved state
    nopeplz Remove a feather
    saveplz Saves the game in its current state
    newgameplz Starts a new game
    imstuckplz Teleports the player in front of the starting house

    Contributed by: TheBitBandit