Awesome for any mech fan.

User Rating: 8.4 | Front Mission SNES
Front Mission is a turn-based strategy game allowing you to command an army of mechs and your own mech. This game starts off with throwing you into a conflict that you have to solve, then you are a town or city and can go to a Colliseum,Bar,Shop, or Military Office. After all that you are ready to command your army, and so on. The gameplay of this game is slow but action-packed. The game allows you to customize your mech's looks,strengths,and weaknesses.There are a ton of items and colors, and you could give your mech a name. The graphics are amazing, and ahead of its time and a familiar look to Final Fantasy 3/6.The sound is majesitc and smooth, the blasts sound like tank shots and the mech punches sound hard and rust-filled.All in all, this game is pretty good for a fan of mecha or a fan of turn-based strategy games.