Tons of variety(trading card, quest, tower defense, bejeweled, etc) will appeal to any gaming genre, and it's an MMO

User Rating: 10 | Free Realms PC
This game is great fun, not a HUGE time sink such as other MMOs in terms of progression. You can max out your character in a specific profession in a few days of game time. The difference with this game is that there are dozens of 'class/ character' types. For example there are a few combat classes, warrior, ninja, wizard, medic which you can do all kinds of combat related quests and even instances that are well designed. There are also, non combat related paths, such as postman, cook, miner, blacksmith, adventurer, cart racer(mini cart racing game). The diversity is great. The game even has a character type of trading card duelist. The game has a very nice trading card game built in, with an in game version that has electronic cards which you purchase booster packs, and a separate actual TCG which you can purchase from Topps or your local hobby store(if they carry it, yet). The trading card game is a lot of fun and will interest even veteran trading card games. The game also is going to grow, each player job caps at level 20, and the world is large, but has a few places that show it intends to expand. Did I mention this game is free!!!? The membership is 4.99 a month if you choose to do so. I love the tower defense games, i am a veteran of the tower defense genre and was very pleased to see this added to the game. Defiantly worth checking out.