Free Realms? Not likely, this is a game where almost everything you do requires station cash + Subscription. Teen Trap!

User Rating: 1 | Free Realms PC
First off, This game isn't free to technically free to play. All jobs can only be leveled to four on a basic subscription which is pathetic since you can level that in pretty much an hour or two of play. The game starts out fine, with plenty of quests and mini-games but after a few days of repetition you quickly learn the dark secrets of R.M.T this game tries to hide. Every day you'll get a wheel of fortune style of game that is so condescending, almost always rewarding the player with a complete and utter piece of junk, usually a level one weapon.

The major concern is that this game is pretty much designed to capture teens and bring them into the game and keep them there, and because of the really rocky start this game had with a lot of questionable 'teen' activities going on, SoE implemented an incredibly harsh chat filter making almost impossible to have any reasonable conversation with anyone without ### ## #######.

Quests are fine, typical cookie cutter such as go here, collect x amount of items or talk to person and finish his quest or mini-game. The problem is there are actually far too many quests that reward 15-20 coins per quest, hardly anything groundbreaking at all which means they quickly get boring and fast. Coolness factor is practically zero, most 'free to play' MMos have most players looking awesome with either great looking costumes however Free Realms offers next to nothing, of course...unless you want to pay for it of course.

Mini-games start out fine, quickly hook people and then after a few days of play will quickly get boring and worse force the player to spend real life money in order to progress, more about that later. Most of the mini-games are multiple clones of bejewelled making up almost half of the games, the kart driving and demo racing are not too bad, the demo is pretty easy however the kart facing quickly becomes extremely difficult unless you buy (real money) a better kart and components simply because the CPU players race in a strict line and if you 'get in the way' of that, you get forcefully moved aside quite often making you lose the race.

The absolute worst is the card dealer job, this is basically a take on the collectible card game, basically its an electronic replica however the same method of playing is the same as the regular card game, meaning to get more cards you have to literally buy booster packs from the station store for the same price as going to a store and buying them, because both are the same and you've guessed it, playing the card dealer requires you pay a ton of money quite often $40+ to get a decent winning deck together so you can stand a chance against the heavily cheating cpu opponents with super rare decks.

Combat jobs are the only redeeming quality in this game, the downside is that there are extremely few items in game, everyone almost looks the same so there just isn't enough variations so even that becomes stale after repeating the same instances over and over again.

Collections, what MMo isn't complete without achievements or being able to collect stuff? There are a ton of different collections to grab in Free Realms, the problem is those are just as bad as anything because everything can be found multiple times, lets take the highly sort after key collections for the treasure chests, these keys are only found in one place in the world and take a while to respawn, and you guessed it, some of these keys are so super rare so after walking around this small area for days on end in the hopes of finishing one of these sets, otherwise spam the trade forums in hopes someone has what you need.

Finally, the leadersboards are a complete waste as well. All scores are hacked. So even playing competitively is a waste unless you also want to cheat.