Xbox One Racing Wheel?

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During This Week on Xbox, Larry showcased a Racing Wheel controller for the X1 complete with accelerometer. I own a lot of racing titles this gen so I’m interested. My question. Has anyone ever used one of these? Do they work good? Do they enhance your game? I’ve owned a standard wheel years ago for my OG Xbox, but I barely used it because it was cumbersome and I didn’t feel it enhanced gameplay, just made it harder.

What are your thoughts, impressions, or experience with a new type of wheel controller?

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I had the 360 one I remember using it for FM4 I think it was....For the price, it was an amusing alternate control is hard to get accustomed to it at first, feels weird holding it in the air but if I remember correctly I was doing OK with it while resting my forearms on my legs.

Once you get used to it, can be fun but it takes a while and if you do some serious racing online or for laps , career etc you may find your performance hindered by it.....does not feel as precise as a controller or a full fledged wheel, so maybe if you buy it from a store that allows returns, try it out and see how it goes.