"CupHead" free content update April 18th

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Good news for fans of this difficult, yet charming game.... it will receive a free content update on April 18th. As well, it will release on the Nintendo Switch, and it will also support Xbox Live features on that platform.

This is an interesting scenario, the specifics of the XBL support on Switch are very scarce now, but if I were to guess, you will still have to buy the game on the Switch, but you can then log into your XBL account and earn XBL achievements while playing the Switch version. So on your profile you will have the Switch version of the game and any achievements earned there. This is just my guess, I'm thinking of how some past PC games appeared on the profiles of some of my friends but those were PC games(different platform) before Play Anywhere exisited.

Anyways, details below and we will surely find out more info later on about how the XBL support will work, the dev makes no promises about the feature and if it will be available on day 1 or not.....I own a Switch so I think this is cool, but it would be nice if they gave me some kind of rebate for already owning the game on Xbox.



Hello friends!

Since the launch of our little cartoon adventure, we’ve been floored by the warmth and support from our players. From heartfelt letters to amazing artwork, our fans across Xbox and PC have been the best we could’ve asked for and we’re excited to bring even more fans into the Cuphead community.

So we’re thrilled to announce that on April 18th our pugilistic platformer Cuphead is indeed coming to Nintendo Switch™! Pickup and play solo on the go, grab a friend and play co-op with two Joy-Cons™, or dock your Switch and experience all the thrills from the comfort of your living room. The choice is yours! You can pre-purchase starting today on the Nintendo eShop.

At the same time, we’ll be working closely with the lovely team at Microsoft to investigate bringing Xbox Live features to the Nintendo Switch version of Cuphead. It’s still early days, so we can’t promise any dates or details on this, but we’ll be tinkering away to see what’s possible in the coming months!

But that’s not all! Included in the Switch version, and coming to the Xbox One, Steam, Mac and PC versions on April 18th is a massive FREE CONTENT UPDATE. This is our biggest (c)update ever, packed to the gills with a bevy of brand new features such as:

  • CHARACTER SELECTION! For the first time ever, select Mugman right from the start of your adventure in single player!
  • FULLY ANIMATED CINEMATICS! Now, all of the game’s cutscenes play out in fabulous locomotion!
    • FULLY LOCALIZED TEXT IN TEN ADDITIONAL LANGUAGES! In addition to English, we’re thrilled to be able to offer Cuphead in French, Italian, German, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Polish, Russian, Japanese, Korean, and Simplified Chinese. We know how long folks have been waiting for this, so we took special care in the quality of each translation, and curated fonts that felt just right for each audience. In fact, we even partnered with expert calligraphers to bring the Boss & Level title lettering to life in Korean, Chinese, and Japanese – drawing inspiration from the early cartoon works of each country!
    • OODLES OF BRAND NEW ANIMATION AND ART! Cuphead and Mugman have multiple fight intros! Legendary Chalice now grants Super Arts with a blast of magical energy! Mummies explode in a shower of confetti! Dozens of other dazzling additions and adjustments throughout the game!
    • Bug fixes and tweaks!
    • And more!
    • As a reminder, all of this piping hot new content is coming bundled with the Nintendo Switch release, and will be available as a FREE patch on April 18th to everyone who owns Cuphead on any platform.

      So whether you plan to explore the Inkwell Isles for the very first time on Nintendo Switch, or revisit them again as Mugman in a new language, we hope you enjoy a swell battle!

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