XSeed. Niche of a niche of a niche.

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The article contains about how was XSeed born, their shareholder, business decision, some retails refused to sell their games, how they operate, games they wanted to localize but in the end didn't, some up and down moments as well.

Caution long read: The Game Savers: How A Tiny Company Gives Neglected Japanese Games New Life in America.

Article by Kotaku and yes they did write good article once in awhile.

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We must go deeper.
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I love XSeed. :) The Last Story was one of their most risky successes.

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I hate to give Kotaku any kind of attention, but I love reading about developers/publishers and their stories.

It sounds fun to work at XSeed. Probably should buy The Last Story soon to show support.

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im greatful for this publisher.