What is your GOTY?

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#51 Posted by Jendeh (109 posts) -

Great thread. Makes me think I need to check out Subnautica and DQ11!

For me, my favorite has been Spiderman. It's simply a joy to play. There wasn't a single moment where I wasn't having a great time. Runners up are AC Odyssey, Shadow of the Tomb Raider, and God of War.

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#52 Posted by SaltSlasher (1006 posts) -

Top 2:

#1-Forza Horizon 4 - Most fun I've had all year, polished and most diverse game, and unanimously the best game in its genre of the entire generation.

#2-Monster Hunter World - Not most polished game ever, but drastically different than everything else there, seen nothing like it on consoles in generations, and since car games aren't allowed to win GotY, I'd pick this as top choice.

If I had to fill out a nominations, I'd add RDR2, SotTR, God of War, and Celeste.

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#53 Edited by GoldenElementXL (3053 posts) -

Can I vote for Fortnite in 2018? If not, would a vote for COD Blops IIII be accepted? Because those are really the only two acceptable answers in my book... After those, it's Forza Horizon 4

LOL movie games

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#54 Posted by pdogg93 (1530 posts) -

God of war

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#55 Posted by I_P_Daily (11447 posts) -

Forza Horizon 4.

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#56 Posted by Litchie (23718 posts) -

Can I give it to Breath of the Wild again? :P

Probably Monster Hunter World, or the upcoming Smash Bros. Ultimate for me. Haven't played Dead Cells yet, that one might have a chance since it looks really cool.

I was just very dissapointed with the endgame content in MHW. It's such a tiny MH game if you compare it to the 3DS games that I'm used to. Had like 700 hours in MH4 and still wasn't done with it. I was 100% done with MHW after about 200 hours. And Capcom refuse to release the monsters that already exist on consoles, so there's nothing to go back to. They just released a monster and I don't give a shit, since I'll just defeat it 1 or 2 times and then I'm done with the game again for the next 6 months or so it'll take them to release the next monster. I'll never play the game again, unless they make a G-rank. And I'm pretty sure that wont happen.

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#57 Posted by Vaidream45 (1851 posts) -

Octopath Traveler or The Messenger. I enjoyed them both immensely. Dead Cells is up there too but I feel like I’m never gonna be able to beat it.

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#58 Posted by phbz (4335 posts) -



Hollow Knight (It's 2018 on the Switch so I'm sticking with it!)

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#59 Posted by sealionact (3806 posts) -

@goldenelementxl: Just curious - and I'm not being funny - but what reasons would you give for putting either of those games up for GOTY? Especially blops4?

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#60 Edited by SecretPolice (35108 posts) -

Likely for me it'll be RDR2 taking the checkered flag with FH4 close behind riding it's rear bumper. :P

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#61 Posted by Jshoelace (846 posts) -

I guess technically it came out last year but its more complete this year so will go with it anyway. Fire Pro Wrestling World. Feels so good to finally have a good wrestling game after so long without one.

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#62 Edited by ArchoNils2 (10329 posts) -

My fav. game of all time is Disgaea 1, so Disgaea 1 Complete has to be my GotY.

If remasters aren't allowed, I go with Octopath Traveller :)

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#63 Posted by xantufrog (11181 posts) -

@Jendeh: yeah Subnautica is on my wishlist too. Grateful for the reminder

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#64 Posted by GoldenElementXL (3053 posts) -

@sealionact said:

@goldenelementxl: Just curious - and I'm not being funny - but what reasons would you give for putting either of those games up for GOTY? Especially blops4?

Every second I spend playing a game that isn't Fortnite or BLOPS IIII feels like I'm wasting time that should be spent playing those games. That's why they're on my list

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#65 Posted by djoffer (1223 posts) -

Dragon quest 11 for me! Its so damn great in every Sense of the Way!

And this is coming from a guy that has been burned out on jprg for several years!

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#66 Posted by Valgaav_219 (2316 posts) -

-Red Dead Redemption 2 by a country mile. It's so much to do and see that it's crazy. I looked up the other day and realized that I'd been playing dominoes for like 2 hours with Tilly lol

- Monster Hunter World. Also had a blast playing this game as well. Feels like you're in a real ecosystem and I love the combat mechanics as well. Everything feels super tight and responsive.

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#67 Posted by kenshiro3948 (406 posts) -

God of War.

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#68 Posted by Xplode_games (1981 posts) -

One easy answer, Red Dead Redemption 2. I love the amazing 4k graphics, truly immersive!

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#69 Posted by drummerdave9099 (4067 posts) -

I haven't played any 2018 games :P but I did get to play a handful of games (old and new) that were brand new to me. My favorite was Resident Evil 7, with Stardew Valley being the runner up.

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#70 Posted by magmadragoonx4 (654 posts) -

Octopath Traveler is my choice for sure.

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#71 Edited by ellos (1999 posts) -

Dad of War!!! A movie game with better gameplay then most games out there surely that's gotta be GOTY. If not this give it to Tetris Effect then shhhhhh.

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#72 Posted by GoldenElementXL (3053 posts) -

I've decided I don't care about launch status/1.0 launches. Fortnite is my GOTY 2018. FYI, PUBG was my GOTY 2017. My 2018 runner up... BLOPS IIII. #3 is Budget Cuts on PC/Vive. #4 is Forza Horizon 4 and #5 is Into The Breach

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#73 Posted by Heirren (803 posts) -

SHOCK TROOPERS. Neo Geo on Switch.

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#74 Posted by ___gamemaster__ (2655 posts) -

Havent played rdr2 yet but so far its God of War. The single player experience, combat, graphics are top notch. Its the first time ive played in a while that the side quest are not that repetitive.

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#75 Posted by DeepH (738 posts) -

GOW no doubt, closest game to perfection.

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#76 Posted by sealionact (3806 posts) -

RDR2 by a country mile. 50 year old friend of mine - who has never played video games to any extent - went out and bought an x1x and a copy, based on watching me play it for around an hour.

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#77 Posted by sukraj (27858 posts) -

red dead 2

shadow of the tomb raider


far cry 5

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#78 Posted by Ghosts4ever (9598 posts) -

Hitman 2.

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#79 Posted by dalger21 (2147 posts) -


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#80 Posted by EyeBoonsEyebrow (280 posts) -

Never thought i would enjoy an indie game so much but Celeste is close to GOTY for me. With Mega Man 11 close behind

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#81 Edited by shiftytoaster95 (6 posts) -

I think it should be GOD OF WAR or Monster Hunter World. Dragon Quest XI feels deserving too.

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#82 Edited by Howmakewood (5801 posts) -

Slay the Spire

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#83 Posted by Damedius (551 posts) -

Dragon Quest 11 seems to be getting a lot of love.

That combat looks really boring though.

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#84 Edited by Vaasman (13639 posts) -


I got done with it a couple days ago and can't recommend the game enough, especially if you're a fan of classic SNES RPGs like Chrono Trigger, Mario RPG, and Secret of Mana, but also it's got some serious puzzle solving so if you liked Link to the Past that fits in too. It's probably closer to LttP really, but if that game was a true, genuine action RPG.

Great music, charming pixel art, minimal bugs, lots of little attention to detail bits, RPG elements that are deceptively simple, interesting story with endearing characters and self-referential humor. The action combat is the most fun I've had with an ARPG since my first time through Dark Souls. And it offers a stiff challenge without feeling like bullshit, nearly every failure is your fault and you can always brute force by leveling or lower the difficulty. Plenty of content, around 25-30 hours if you rush through which is a good length for an ARPG, but you could easily double that time if you like to run completionist. Not flawless, there are some quirks, but then no game is perfect.

I feel like this game is a real diamond in the rough. This, They are Billions, and Subnautica really help the case for early access games this year, even as some other games in the category turn to shit or never actually launch.

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#85 Posted by enzyme36 (4153 posts) -

...... almost heaven.... west virginiiiiaaaa

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#86 Posted by Zox10035 (10 posts) -

Fallout 76 without a doubt

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#87 Posted by HoolaHoopMan (10606 posts) -

God of War and RDR2 are probably the ones I put the most time in. If I were to choose, maybe God of War, simply because the combat feels so meaty and good (plus the addition of NG+ adds longevity). I don't see myself replaying RDR2 after I complete all the side missions and explore what I can. There's always something 'off' about the 3rd person shooting mechanics that Rockstar does, can't explain it.

However, Stellaris rec'd a massive update this year and it feels like a whole new game. They're coming out with totally reworked planet mechanics in a new update soon as well. I like games to keep on giving year after year and fine tune themselves.

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#88 Edited by dzimm (5363 posts) -

Games of the Year:

  • Diablo III on the Switch
  • Civilization VI on the Switch.
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#89 Posted by Ibacai (13803 posts) -

Very tough decision but:

God of War

Runner ups:

Monster Hunter World

Dragon Ball Fighterz


Dragon Quest XI

I do not give a fair vote as I have not played:

Forza Horizon 4

Red Dead Redemption 2

Valkyria Chronicles 4

Yakuza Kiwami 2

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

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#91 Posted by Robbie23 (321 posts) -

Yakuza Kiwami 2

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#92 Posted by Robbie23 (321 posts) -

@Renegade_Fury: Agreed regarding Yakuza Kiwami two, however I thought the story for part six was a massive let down and the clan creator was a massive slog. I'm looking forward to Judge eyes and I'm currently playing Fist of the north star.

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#93 Posted by ___gamemaster__ (2655 posts) -

God of war. Most polished game ive played this gen.

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#94 Posted by X_CAPCOM_X (8530 posts) -

So far that would be MHW for me since I haven't played RDR2 or GOW (which seem to be the games getting all the attention). I should get around to them soon.

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#95 Posted by blueinheaven (4438 posts) -

Assassin's Creed Odyssey, phenomenal game, amazing open world, excellent skill system, excellent story and characters, no doubt this is considered a sacrilegious nomination since a) it's an Assassin's Creed game which means b) it comes from Ubisoft but it really is the best game I've played all year by some considerable margin.

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#96 Posted by Fuhrer_D (853 posts) -

Monster Hunter World, but Red Dead is coming up fast on the last turn.

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#97 Posted by sukraj (27858 posts) -

@hrt_rulz01 said:

Red Dead 2, followed closely by Forza Horizon 4.

I wish I could play red dead 2 right now but I have to wait until xmas

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#98 Edited by uninspiredcup (32827 posts) -

Splinter Cell.

Ubisoft could make goods games, once upon a time.

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#99 Edited by pyro1245 (4929 posts) -
@howmakewood said:

Slay the Spire

Hell yeeeee