What does Square Enix need to do to win you back?

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#151 Posted by DarkLink77 (32731 posts) -

Give me a Final Fantasy game as good asXII. That is all.charizard1605


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#152 Posted by dommeus (9433 posts) -

Keep publishing Eidos' games and I don't care what the Japanese side does.

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#153 Posted by Lulekani (2318 posts) -
They can start by never making another RPG ever again ! It wont help, but it would give me great pleasure, for maybe a week or 2, and then I'l find a new publisher to make fun of.
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#155 Posted by Ricardomz (2715 posts) -

Final Fantasy VII HD Remake + Crisis Core storyline

Final Fantasy Versus XIII

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#156 Posted by freedomfreak (49350 posts) -
A big, warm hug.