"PS4 remote play sucks compared to Wii U & N. Shield" - DF

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"It was perhaps a bit much to hope that Vita Remote Play could match up to the Wii U GamePad, or even Nvidia Shield's performance. Nintendo built its system around its controller - ultra low latency was built into the design, while Vita Remote Play simply doesn't have that priority for Sony. With regards Shield, as details come to light on the Kepler GPU's onboard video encode architecture, we see a design built from the ground-up for low-latency image acquisition, along with high-speed hardware h.264 encoding - a system that has attracted plenty of praise from luminaries in the real-time capture field (Unwinder is the man behind MSI Afterburner). This is technology derived from GeForce GRID, Nvidia's cloud gaming system - so just like the Wii U GamePad, it's built for precisely this task.

The hardware encoders and surrounding pipelines built into both Xbox One and PlayStation 4 seem to be less sophisticated - absolutely fine for the clip-sharing and live-streaming functions they were primarily designed for, but with results falling short for ultra-low latency real-time transmission that Vita Remote Play demands for optimal performance."


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There was already a thread.

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Nowhere in that article is the supposed quote in the title for this thread, at least not that I saw

Anyway the bigger disappointment is having remote play locked to 30fps

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I used vita remote play for AC4 and for the most part it was good but it did have some shuttering. That was on home wifi I couldn't imagine trying to use it out of the house.

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Already a thread

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Definitely not ideal for something that requires twitch reactions but is manageable to use even during KZ SF single player on hard.

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I've been pretty pleased with remote play thus far.

I used it on Need For Speed in bed, worked how i wanted it to for the most part. The analog sticks are not quite good enough for traffic weaving, but aside from that.

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It's such a great feaure. It's too bad it isn't perfect but I'd use it quite a bit, if I had a PS4 and a Vita that is.

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All the Wii U needs is Gamepad controls for Wii BC and it will be perfect.

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Well, its actually pretty common for Sony to implement features that already exist elsewhere only half assed. Take their camera and voice commands for example. You have to pay extra for those features which are standard on an X1. remote play is choppy but lets hope its software related and not a hardware limitation... Move? Wii. EyeToy? Kinect 1. Touchpad on controller? WiiU.

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Nothing surprising here, everything Sony does these days are half assed

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@Scipio8 said:

Nothing surprising here, everything Sony does these days are half assed

Have you tried it yet? I've used remote play for a good portion of CoD Ghost, BF4 and NBA 2k14 and it works great. Every once in awhile there is stuttering but for me it's few and far in between. I've also played Killzone SF using remote play but not enough to comment much on the performance other then to say so far so good. Note that I'm playing with both devices connected to my home network.

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Remote play on the Wii U is great, I probably use it more than the TV since I can watch TV while I play, and it has a nice big screen and the battery lasts me a good long while and charges quickly.