PS4 CRUSHING xbone in sales.Out sold xbone 2-1 in USA in Jan

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*nearly out sold xbone 2-1 in America for the month of Janurary*

The PlayStation 4 was king once again to start off 2014.

Reports put PlayStation 4 sales at around 280,000 while Xbox One supposedly did around 145,000.

As for the latest official numbers. The PS4 has sold 4.2 million as of Dec.28, while the xbone has only sold 3 mill as of Dec. 31

At CES 2014, Sony has announced that the PS4 has sold 4.2 million units as of December 28, 2013. Yesterday, Microsoft revealed that it had sold 3 million Xbox Ones as of the end of 2013.

As of December 28, the PS4 had been on sale for 43 days and sold 4.2 million units. By December 28, the PS4 was available in 48 territories. If we divide 4.2 million by 43 days, we get a figure of around98,000 units sold per day

As of the end of December 31, the Xbox One had been on sale for 39 days and sold 3 million units. By December 31, the Xbox One was available in 13 territories. 3 million in 39 days equates to around 77,000 units per day.

From these figures, it’s clear that the PS4 is outselling the Xbox One.

Even if you gave the Xbox One another week to catch up, to make up for the PS4′s earlier release, we’d still only be looking at 3.54 million Xboxes vs. 4.2 million PS4s.

The one gotcha is that the Xbox One is only available in 13 countries and territories, while the PS4 is currently available in 53 (it has been released in five more since December 28). You could argue that, when the Xbox One is more widely released, it will catch the PS4 in sales. Considering the Xbox One is already available in all of its major stomping grounds (the US, EU, Australia, Brazil), and the PS4 isn’t yet available in its home territory (Japan), I find it hard to believe that Microsoft will magically catch up.

No matter which way you split it, then, the PS4 is currently winning the eighth-generation console war.

The Playstation has taken back its rightful throne. The king has returned baby!

By all reports, the xbone seems to be suffering dramatic drops in sales too. I will get into that in a little.

But first things first, this is all such great news for the gaming industry, that the PS4 is significantly out selling the xbone. The correct message is being sent by us.

-The cheaper more powerful console (the PS4) is winning and winning big. This ensures that over priced, under powered consoles like the xbone will not be the norm

-When Microsoft revealed the xbone, it was set to include the most henious, gruesome anti-consumer policies in gaming ever i.e Xbone always online requirements and xbone drm schemes etc SO it feels so good to see that consumers have not rewarded Micorsoft with first place sales for their orginal anti-consumer vision at the detrimemt of consumers, and instead are rewarding the PS4 with big first place sales. By buying the PS4 in significantly larger margins we have currently put a stop to Microsoft's intended always online/DRM anti-consumer future

-Kimect is a spy cam and comes mandatory with xbone. The much larger sales of the PS4 say, we like having the option and choice to use a camera, and hey... we dont want the mandatory kinect spy cam

-This has also proved that the future isnt about the xbone's TV features, snapshot features, or the all in one marketing gimmicks of the xbone. Sony made the PS4 with the gamers in mind from day one. So the sales dominance of the PS4 is a testament to the fact we still want gaming. Sony is being rewarded for doing the right thing. Awesome! And thats is one of the greatest messages we have sent by buying the PS4 in significant larger margins! Gaming is what matters.

Anyway, by all reports, the xbone seems to be suffering dramatic drops in sales too. That makes me even happier. The xbone is a fad. PS4 is legit. Let Microsoft burn to the ground for what they tried to get away with (always online/drm) and for also still releasing an under-powered, over-priced, mandatory spying Kinect, spy box/cable box posing as a games console.

Thank you Sony for keeping gaming alive. Microsoft's future is a future where its all about TV/snapahot features, Kinect, and always online/DRM. As long as PS4 continues to sell out like hot cakes we stop Microsoft's intended future from ever happening. Lets continue to do the right thing and reward Sony for being good to gamers and for releasing an awesome, more powerful, cheaper, GAMING focused PS4.

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TC is a Shewgenja alt account.

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Look back at the treads and sony fanboys where shouting the PS4 would outsell Xbox One by 3,4 and 5 -1. Yet its not managing 2-1 since launch.

Xbox One is more expensive had a load of bad press and a really bad start, yet its selling well. Congrats to both Microsoft and Sony.

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There's already a sticky.