Map in Xenoblade X Five Times As Big As Map In Xenoblade

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Seriously, this 60 character limit for topic titles is killing me.

Anyway, yes, you saw that right. Xenoblade Chronicles on the Wii already had an open world of a staggering size, and Xenoblade Chronicles X has a map that is more than five times that size.

This information comes from a new interview with Monolith Soft in the newest Edge.

Takahashi on X: "Vehicles are called Dolls. They are 5 Times larger than a person. So to get the same feel as Xenoblade Chronicles, the map would need to be 5 times bigger. The game world in X is e in fact even bigger than that."

Just to be clear, this is the kind of scope and scale that the game maintains on a constant level in a world that large:

That is... really impressive, really. Even though I wasn't much of a fan of the original Xenoblade Chronicles, I can't wait for Xenoblade Chronicles X to come out.

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Five times the filler!

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Loading Video...

Just to show how big Xenoblade already is.

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I'm 40 hours in to my new playthrough of Xenoblade Chronicles. I'm still impressed by just how massive the game is. It reminds me of RPGs from the PS1 days. To hear that Monolith is pushing the game's size to an even greater scale is relieving. After seeing gameplay videos from E3, I'm on board. I'm not sure which game I'm more excited about next year; Zelda, Xenoblade Chronicles X, or The Witcher 3.

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Yay! More collectibles and a crap ton of walking/flying! :D

But yes, it'll be incredibly impressive if they keep their word. I can't wait for this game!!

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I'm intrigued. Not a big fan of the first one, but it had some good ideas.

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day one buy!!

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@commonfate said:

Five times the filler!

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I guess it makes since seeing as those dolls can fly and whatnot.

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I'm pretty excited for Xenoblade Chronicles X.

But yeah, a game having a bigger world doesn't generally excite me that much, as alot of time it just means having just that much more redundant questing.

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GOAT Incoming. I can't wait, Monolith loves to throw secret areas, items and enemies in the far reaches of the world to encourage exploration. I'm so hyped to explore the ginormous new world.

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@charizard1605: so in reference......... compared to what we are told about the witcher 3 world size?

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And the loading looks seemless too.

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@commonfate said:

Five times the filler!


Throw out big numbers to get peeps excited.

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@jg4xchamp said:

@commonfate said:

Five times the filler!

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More =\= better

But I'm still excited for the game

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"See those mountains? You can go there" - E32014

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Can't wait. I'm holding off on a Wii U until this games comes out.

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Okay that's a funny joke OP. Can you please post the real Wii U footage and not the Wii version

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"Meh, big game world =/ good game. And 90% of that space will be empty anyway"

Xenoblade X will have more contents. It's being created with better toolsets. Travel will be easier. And how many of ye guys know that original Xenoblade had no mount or vehicle at all? Furthermore, why would I wannna play a game where I can find quest npc at every single step? It is only natural to go even bigger.

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@ANIMEguy10034 said:

Yay! More collectibles and a crap ton of walking/flying! :D

But yes, it'll be incredibly impressive if they keep their word. I can't wait for this game!!

^ This...pretty much just gonna end up doing with I did with the Xenoblade Chronicles Wii ..goto every inch of the area on the map...even at low level..then run away from big ass monsters. :P

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Looking forward to it.

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Really excited for this game, i love the first one and the sequel looks even better...sure five times bigger is good, as long as it doesn't get in the way of the plot and the gameplay because i'm getting the feeling is going to have a lot of filler, still, can't wait for this game.

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Holly shit!

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...But will the scale match its beauty and size?