Forbes: X1 will outsell PS4 at launch slightly.

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@maninflames-77 said:

You realize this is just some random blogger, right?

If he had said PS4 will dominate, you'd probably have said something to the effect, "you realize this is Forbes, and they know business, right"

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@StormyJoe said:

@Sweenix said:

Forbes contributor

You idiot.

LOL. Do you know what a "contributor" is in journalistic lingo?

Apparently he does not. More importantly, he doesn't seem to get that the core of the piece is written around comments by an industry analyst who works for Baird. Consequently, what matters is the analyst insight, not the by-line contributor which could have been my dog. No doubt he was even too lazy to clink the link to understand that this has already been reported on by others, which is standard fare when analysts release predictions.

Whether you agree with the analyst prediction is something else, but who the contributor is/was for this particular discussion of the analysts report does not matter to the primary substance of the report itself. That would only matter if the contributor was misquoting the report author, which wasn't the case as is evidenced by multiple articles with the same quotes from the same analyst.

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PS4 Outselling Xbox One In Pre-Orders Two-To-One

Report: PS4 to outsell Xbox One this holiday

PS4 Vs Xbox One: 'PS4 Outselling Xbox One 2:1'

IDC: PS4 to Outsell Xbox One Over Holidays,2817,2425191,00.asp

I can post links too!

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No one wants the X1. It will fail.

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The entire argument for XB1 outselling PS4 relies on the Xbox brand still holding power over Playstation in North America. I don't think that's the case anymore: within just a year Xbox has suffered enormous damage with a bungled unveil event and disastrous E3. Even if XB1 is making up ground now with the media, more people are paying attention to PS4.

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@YoshiYogurt said:

No one wants the X1. It will fail.

100% not true. Even if PS4 outsells it, X1 won't fail and won't dwindle to zero sales all of a sudden. By your logic, PS4 will fail because PC is better and sells more.