Deus Ex vs System Shock

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Poll: Deus Ex vs System Shock (12 votes)

Deus Ex 67%
System Shock 33%

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Deus Ex vs System Shock

Better games?

Deus Ex

System Shock

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#2 Posted by blamix99 (2685 posts) -

When will this vs thing end anyway?

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#3 Posted by Gue1 (12171 posts) -

the screenshots of Deus Ex are for the crappy mobile game. -__-

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#4 Posted by FreedomFreeLife (3948 posts) -

@SNIPER4321 said:

Why using HR screenshot when its not represent Deus Ex series? original deus ex and JC denton represent Deus Ex.

i vote Deus Ex. its greatest game of all time but this competition is toughest competition ever because both are milestone games that did lot for gaming. system shock 2 unlike bioshock infinite is a real game.

10 year ago it did everything and more than bioshock. bioshock is basically simple shock. sadly critics praise bioshock and call it innovative when game is straight forward corridor action.

I just added pictures of series. So far this is also in game series. I don´t care how bad or good it is. I usually upload newest pictures i find.

Does not matter, poll matters.

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#5 Posted by naz99 (2808 posts) -

Despite its lack of polish deus ex and its game mechanics still put many games to shame even today.and no stupid stealth just did stealth.

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#6 Posted by Lulu_Lulu (19564 posts) -

@ naz99

Stealth Mechanics wouldve gone a long way to making this game more polished.

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#7 Posted by napo_sp (649 posts) -

first person rpg vs first person horror game, lol fail comparison

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#8 Posted by MonsieurX (36886 posts) -

@napo_sp said:

first person rpg vs first person horror game, lol fail comparison

lol fail genres

But System Shock 2 > Deus Ex

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#9 Posted by ultimate-k (2348 posts) -

@napo_sp said:

first person rpg vs first person horror game, lol fail comparison

Guess you never played System shock 2 then, both are first person rpgs.

I vote Deus Ex, because I never asked for this.