AA-rated Battlestations Pacific is up for grabs for 5 bucks

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You can buy it on XBL. I've played its predecessor, Battlestations Midway on PC and now I couldn't resist to snatch this. It's a really fun game from late 2009, rated 8.0 here. It's set near the end of ww2, and pits the USA against Japan. It has two campaigns and combines arcadey warfare - you can pilot airplanes, control vessels and submarines, etc with a very accessible strategy element. Games like this, despite being shared with PC solidify why 360 is an amazing console for an adventurous gamer who appreciates different genres, and has massive game library. You won't find a game of this type on any other console. And I also heard the multiplayer is a lot of fun with its massive battles. Go get it, seriously - highly recommended. It's made by now defunct Eidos Hungary btw.

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Yes. I still need to DL it. Midway was good fun.

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BS Pacific was awesome, my PC's hard drive crapped out half way through playing it so I never spend as much time with it as it deserved, might be worth revisiting.