Is anyone still using the PS3 regularly?

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#101 Posted by Gurutar (28 posts) -

it's my netflix/youtube machine in my bedroom. i haven't played a game on it in years and don't plan to.

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#102 Posted by robert_sparkes (2914 posts) -

Recently played uncharted 1 holds up on gameplay feels a bit dated but graphically very good still.

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#103 Posted by Mickeyminime (1437 posts) -

I still use it from time to time. Mines Mickeyminime

I've never been much of an online person though

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#104 Posted by Coolyfett (5965 posts) -

Coolyfett uses the PlayStation 3 every other day. That's the luxury of the PlayStation brand, usefulness if after the next gen is released. Coolyfett likes to wait for the next gen to have many games before upgrading. May get a PS4 when the PS5 is announced.

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#105 Posted by robert_sparkes (2914 posts) -

I literally just picked up dark souls 2 on PS3. Diving in yet again.

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#106 Posted by Longsnout (176 posts) -

Yup. Just got my 32nd Platinum on it today.

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#107 Posted by Doomizbae (1 posts) -

Add meh: IDGam3rOnPS

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#108 Edited by SpecsMarley (4 posts) -

Nah I can hardly find any

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#109 Edited by stefan567a (7 posts) -

Yes, I still use it from time to time to play some of my favorites. If I get a good discount I might even buy some new game.

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#110 Posted by DEVILinIRON (4777 posts) -

Yes. I'm playing Red Dead Redemption.

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#111 Posted by radiioaktivman (82 posts) -

2018 and still using it! I just dusted it off off to play Heavy Rain and Heavenly Sword, 2 games I've never played before. I'll probably get the God of War series after since I haven't played any of those games either.

This thread is like a zombie, it never dies! Muhahaha.

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#112 Posted by Bunniess95 (6 posts) -

Don't really play on the PS3 anymore to be honest, don't even know where it is for that fact lmao.

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#114 Posted by Mickeyminime (1437 posts) -

I played the PS3 a few weeks back. I was playing Oblivion. At the moment, Red Dead 2 has me occupied for now on the PS4

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#115 Posted by Speeny (1507 posts) -

I hope to boot my one up again soon. There’s not enough on the PS4 that I like.

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#116 Posted by Baron_Machina (273 posts) -

I don't know if I'd use the word regularly, but I still go back to it often enough. There are some great exclusives on the PS3, plus it has a lot of great PS1 and PS2 games available.

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#117 Posted by opazlevi2 (7 posts) -

I'm tempted to get back into it for games that aren't on PS4. I've never played Demon Souls and I haven't heard of a remaster coming any time soon :(

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#118 Posted by psxfanboy (8 posts) -

I play my PS3 still, especially Gran Turismo 6, but the issue for me is how slow the system loads and how cumbersome the interface on the PS3 is.