What are the latest games that support 2GB VRAM GPUs?

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#1 Zuon
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Just what the title says. No extra context should be needed, but considering I was still asked to explain myself last time I asked, here's a summary.

Only qualifications are that a game is recent (within the past 2 to 3 years) and is playable with only 2GB VRAM.

Targeted resolution and FPS should not matter here. I did not specify the GPU, just the VRAM. (I'm fiddling around with a secondary i7 + Nvidia MX150 laptop, if you really must know.)

I do not care what the graphics settings have to be. I'm not targeting Ultra, nor even high. If the game can be played with any setting at any resolution with only 2GB VRAM, the name of the game is what I'd like to know.

So, which recent titles can still go in game with only 2GB of VRAM? Just interested to know is all.