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hey guys or girls...been here for a while been rockin my old system for a long time long over do but this my old spes

phenom II 975

old foxconn mobo

8gigs ddr2 800 ram

amd 7850 gpu

new setup

ryzen 2600

msi tomahawk b450

gskill ripjaws5 3200

msi armor 570

hope this will be a big difference lol

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There will be a big difference, But if you can I would grab a RX 580 or 590, Or even a Vega 56 which just had a nice price drop

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@04dcarraher i know i would have but its already bought and shipped i did get a msi Armour 570 8g:

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@nikeswoosh i got all this plus a ssd and a new case for 728$$ shipped i think this is a great deal:








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It really is a good deal and you're good for 60 fps at 1080p resolution. You may need to turn down a few settings in a few games (well, if you don't have a freesync monitor), but in the long run it doesn't really matter. You can just get another $200 GPU in 2 or 3 years.

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@PfizersaurusRex thx Ive been researching every part for like a week: ...trying to get the best bang for my buck now that i have a new platform i will be updating sooner than later....but with my old system which im typing to u guys on is still good for basic stuff and i still love it y i will keep it never sell it tho wont get anything for this old beast...lol

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@nikeswoosh: Ya i wouldn't bother selling your old PC either. You'd get basically nothing worth while from the time wasted to sell it.

Its actually useful to have at least 1 other PC laying around to test out PC parts if your main one is behaving oddly.

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Post pictures in the sticky above when it is all put together.