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Alright, so I think its time to upgrade my rig, and looking for some advice since is been many years, and with everything new coming out its hard to keep track, my budget is around 500-600 for a new cpu, mobo, ram and I would like a good ssd or m.2 type, something alot quicker than my WD hdd....

my current specs
amd fx 8350 at 4.5ghz
msi 970 mobo
8gb ddr 3
gtx 1060 6gb

mostly 1080p gaming, some music production, so what would you guys recommend.

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AMD is releasing their Ryzen 2 (3000) series probably in the summer, along with the new PCI-E 4.0 platform, so unless you're really itching to upgrade I'd say wait for that. Or get a B450 board and 2600X with 16GB 3-3.2GHz RAM. Maybe you could even fit a Ryzen 7 in your budget. As for SSD, Samsung 860 Evo sata is probably the best value, I haven't fallowed M.2, I just know Samsung is the thing.

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@metroid5: I'd suggest on waiting for AMD's next gen CPU or get i5 9600K right now.


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I would go with the following if you plan on doing production work and gaming.

  • AMD Ryzen 7 2700
  • Cooler Master Hyper 212 Black Edition
  • Asus TUF X470-Plus Gaming
  • Team Vulcan 2x 8GB 3000MHz DDR4
  • Western Digital Black 256GB PCIe M.2280

Comes down to $608 - LINK

For the money that PCIe M.2 drive is a beast, I have one and love it. Unless you wait for Ryzen 3000 series the 2700 is the best CPU to get for the price unless you go with a 8700K but that would limit your choices on quality products for the rest of the build because of the price difference.

The system upgrade from what you have now to this would be substantial especially if you are coming from a HDD as I went from a Samsung 840 SSD this drive and even I noticed a more snappier experience.