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So i built this computer using a 3700X and a crosshair 8 hero mobo.

Now im kinda new to ryzen overclocking and stuff. i set the power phase to optimized. because i want my cpu to wind down when im say browsing the internet. But stil the cpu speed is kinda bouncing up and down, and the core voltage aswell. At lest more so then im used with my intel. this is intern also causing the temp to kinda bob up and down.. is this normal on ryzen or what ?

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Some of those monitoring programs cause ryzen to go at full speed. Check amd master or whatever the name was again.

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It seems that no matter what i do, precision overdrive pumps up to 1.4875 volts into the cpu to get up 4.3GHz.., with every now and then a spike up to 4.4.. But then from reading around it seems im not the only one with this isseu.. And this is " normal" for ryzen. Even though i seiously doubt you constantly nee such a high voltage when most cores are asleep.. No wonder it pings up there in temp whenever it wakes up to do anything. I hope they resolve this with better bios. ive already updated to latest bios, but precision overdrive is still pissing about.

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so when just using cpuz it seems to wind down on speed and voltage. it just takes it sweet time to wind down after i boot my pc... this core enhancement/precisio over drive could do with a tuning, and maybe software that doesnt costantly trigger the cpu to boost..

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i guess im just having isseus what this cpu conciders a " load" . like im browsing the webs, and it will still jump around in speed and voltage.. ive seen voltages of 1.5volts.. wich it can handle ofcourse.. i guess ill just keep my eye on the hermals under " normal" use..

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Don't compare the normal voltage for Ryzen with Intel. The range is up to 1.5V for Ryzen. Try heavier load over more cores, the voltage should go down.

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@TDuiker: Yep mine is the same and so is everyones. I freaked out at first but now just accept it.

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I would just prefer it run cooler when im not doing much..