What did you buy FOR YOURSELF for Christmas?

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#1 Posted by GalvatronType_R (2136 posts) -


-Macbook Air

-Wind Waker HD

All bought without Christmas money or gift cards (didn't get any of either). Because I make a lot of monay.

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#2 Edited by Sweetbackhair (2914 posts) -

Some games on Steam.

A screen protector for my tablet.

And by next week I'll probably be buying part for my PC.

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#3 Edited by Laihendi (5876 posts) -

Mario Kart 7 and Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D.

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#4 Edited by Fightingfan (38011 posts) -

I some Kevlar reinforced attire.

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#5 Posted by Dogswithguns (11359 posts) -

GTA5 a week ahead.. and a new inexpensive smart phone in the mail tomorrow.

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#6 Posted by -Renegade (8340 posts) -

i guess it would have to be my nexus 5 although i got it like 3 weeks ago.

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#7 Posted by KHAndAnime (17565 posts) -

Just this


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#8 Edited by ad1x2 (6706 posts) -

I just bought FF4 and 5 as well as the After Years for Android as well as the Xbox One version of Halo. I already bought the PS4 and Xbone the day they came out. I guess I could count my new Galaxy Note 3 since I bought it a week before Christmas.

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#10 Edited by konvikt_17 (22378 posts) -

a much needed 1TB external HDD

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#11 Posted by Lord_Daemon (24520 posts) -

Just a blu ray collection of Jackie Chan's Armour of God & Project A movies 'cause it was very, very cheap.

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#13 Edited by PernicioEnigma (5895 posts) -

I bought Metro: Last light, Mark of the Ninja (Awesome game) and the Mount and Blade series, didn't cost me much at all.

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#14 Edited by jun_aka_pekto (23426 posts) -

I already bought a gaming laptop and Android tablet a few months ago......

I bought a new microATX minitower PC case because my old one can fit only video cards that are less than 9" long. That's about it. I don't really need anything else. I assembled a new PC for my eldest kid. I got the youngest a Nintendo DSi. I got the wife a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3.

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#15 Edited by tofu-lion91 (13496 posts) -

A really cheap watch to take back to basic training. There's nothing I want or need at the moment, I've been given gift vouchers for the two main shopping centres in my area but haven't a clue what to spend them on.

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#16 Posted by dave123321 (35357 posts) -

Not for Christmas but bought the Breaking Bad complete series box set recently

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#17 Edited by deeliman (3803 posts) -

@dave123321 said:

Not for Christmas but bought the Breaking Bad complete series box set recently

I've been wanting to see BB for a long time now, but I'm too busy with other stuff. I feel like I'm the only one on the internet that hasn't seen it.

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#18 Posted by deeliman (3803 posts) -

I bought a few games on steam from the Christmas bonus I received at work.

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Steam games

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#21 Posted by speedfreak48t5p (12857 posts) -

Nothing, because malls aren't open on Boxing day around here.

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#22 Edited by Smokescreened84 (2565 posts) -

XCOM: Enemy Within and Dynasty Warriors 7 for the 360

Masterpiece Smokescreen

Generations Hoist, Thundercracker and Kickback.

A Christmas Carol - 2009 Jim Carrey version and 1999 Patrick Stewart version and the book version

Bought all of those before Christmas though as early gifts

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#23 Posted by Jehuty08 (1951 posts) -

after nearly 4 years, finally bought a new cellphone and a memory card for it.

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#24 Posted by GoogleAndroid (162 posts) -

Switched from VZ to T-Mobile and got a Note 3. I did it well before Christmas, but that was my present to myself.

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#25 Posted by LexLas (7270 posts) -

A new army camo PS3 controller !

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#26 Posted by Jebus213 (10013 posts) -

bass boosted headphones

a desktop mic

AMD R9 280x

AMD Vishera 8350

Windows 8

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#27 Posted by Nibroc420 (13571 posts) -

@speedfreak48t5p said:

Nothing, because malls aren't open on Boxing day around here.

That sort of defeats the purpose of Boxing day, doesn't it?

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#28 Posted by sukraj (27501 posts) -

Xbox One

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#29 Edited by speedfreak48t5p (12857 posts) -

@Nibroc420 said:

@speedfreak48t5p said:

Nothing, because malls aren't open on Boxing day around here.

That sort of defeats the purpose of Boxing day, doesn't it?

Yes it does.

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#30 Edited by Tokeism (2365 posts) -

Too many steam games (damn steam sale), will probably pick up Bravely Default on the 3DS at some point

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@Lord_Daemon: Those are nice movies. Even the shitty, non-Jackie dubbed original Armour of God (it has its charm). My friend and I used to watch it once a year back in high school. As for Project A, if you liked seeing Sammo Hung and Yuen Biao and Jackie on screen, did you ever check out Dragons Forever? There are some pretty great fight scenes there as well.

On topic: Seems like just Borderlands 2 DLC. And a Buster Keaton boxset (where Christmas money partly went to). And bought a new pair of loafers on Boxing Day that I really like.

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#32 Posted by Blueresident87 (5684 posts) -

The Pacific on bluray

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#33 Posted by Lord_Daemon (24520 posts) -

@Sharpie125: Indeed I have seen Dragons Forever as I've seen most of Jackie Chan's films and watch them quite regularly along with a number of Yuen Biao and Sammo Hung's films over the years. Out of curiosity have you ever seen the film that was supposed to be the reunion of the "three brothers" called Don't Give A Damn (AKA Burger Cop)? Sadly (or luckily) Chan pulled out to film the awful Rumble in the Bronx and was replaced by Takeshi Kaneshiro. A move, which normally would be awesome because...well Kaneshiro is awesome, but sadly the film's writer oddly had complete control and the actors were forced into performing some quite offensive antics regarding black-face.

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#34 Edited by Gaming-Planet (19124 posts) -

Steam games

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#35 Posted by Jacobistheman (3975 posts) -

I got a Sony NEX camera. (Found on craigslist for super cheap, just happened to be close enough to christmas that I could consider it a gift to myself)

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#36 Edited by pillarrocks (1465 posts) -

WWE 2K14

Batman Arkham Origins

$20 PSN Card

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#37 Posted by Sharpie125 (3904 posts) -

@Lord_Daemon: Oh, damn. I haven't seen that (thought you were talking about Wheels on Meals for a sec) but I think most of my "kung fu" viewing comes from my buddy's Jackie collection. So it's just a treat when Yuen Biao and Sammo appear in any of them, but if Jackie's not in it I probably haven't seen it.

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#38 Posted by hippiesanta (10299 posts) -

3 digital copy old games xmas sales on PSN

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#39 Posted by CommandoAgent (1703 posts) -

Steam software and an interesting kickstarter game.

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#40 Posted by BranKetra (51726 posts) -

I got myself many things such as video game merchandise, films, and computer components.

@Lord_Daemon said:

Just a blu ray collection of Jackie Chan's Armour of God & Project A movies 'cause it was very, very cheap.

I got that Black Friday for four dollars.

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#41 Posted by Makhaidos (2162 posts) -

Rent and a cheeseburger from Five Guys.

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#42 Posted by kingdre (9456 posts) -

Nothing. I'm saving up all my money for a trip next year.

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#43 Edited by Serraph105 (32126 posts) -

@-Renegade said:

i guess it would have to be my nexus 5 although i got it like 3 weeks ago.

got a nexus 7 myself, but much like you I got it well before Christmas.

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#44 Posted by RadecSupreme (4824 posts) -

@GalvatronType_R: A new chair for my home office.

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#45 Posted by Flubbbs (4948 posts) -

nothing really.. i just went and seen the wolf of wall street

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#46 Posted by ChiefvsGordon (1085 posts) -

I bought the complete series of the walking dead(the video game) for pc and all of the borderlands dlc for pc. it was about $22 for all of it.

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#47 Edited by PrincessGomez92 (5216 posts) -

Got some gift cards for Wal-Mart, so I bought MadWorld and Katy Perry - The Complete Confection last night. I'll get some more stuff later.

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#48 Posted by deactivated-5ac102a4472fe (7431 posts) -

Wii U (and a few games)

PS4 (And a few games and a year of PS+)

Vita (to be precise a soft bundle with a PS4 + Vita + 2 16 gig memory Cards).

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#49 Posted by t1striker (1549 posts) -

Two Double-Fine games on Amazon for $5. Brutal Legend, and Psychonauts. Great games so far.

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#50 Posted by VendettaRed07 (14012 posts) -