What are your hobbies

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For me

I like Battle Rap, Collecting some shoes (Particularly Yeezys), Watching stand up comedy (George Carlin, Redd Foxx, Patrice O Neal, Dave Chappelle, Tom Segura, Earthquake + Bill Burr), Playing video games (Survival Horror my fav genre) + Watching movies as well.

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#2 Posted by brimmul777 (4080 posts) -

Listening to music mainly. Don't have much hobbies, work keeps me busy enough.

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#3 Posted by byof_america (1935 posts) -

Love tycoon games and city builders. Disc golf when the weather is nice and hiking to escape the heat and enjoy nature. Table top game every friday night.

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#4 Posted by Mandzilla (4109 posts) -

Well besides gaming I enjoy music and playing guitar, reading, swimming, hiking and camping, nature and animals, watching some tv and films (especially sci fi), photography and I'm also a big rugby fan.

I guess you could say that psychology is sort of a hobby too, since that's what I'm studying at the moment. Learning about history is always interesting as well.

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Besides gaming, Djaying, Videography, MMA and Traditional Martial Arts, Reading(History and Social issues) and raising Dogs! I would like to add handyman because I do a lot of work around my house, but I wouldn't be telling the whole truth. I only do the work because I have to.....not because I want to! lol The only major Sports I follow is Football and Boxing....that's pretty much it for me.

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Playing video games, watching movies, anime and TV shows, reading. Lately I've also been working on a game development project with some friends.

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Besides video games: writing (short stories, long stories, and poetry), digital art (photoshop, zbrush, sculptris), basketball (playing and watching), weightlifting, cooking weird combinations of food, movies (especially love nolan, wright, villeneuve, tarantino, and scorsese) and reading (fantasy/classics for stories, physics/history for interest). I'm learning snowboarding and piano atm, always wanted to do them since I was a kid but I never got around to it. I have plenty of free time now so I'm excited to see where I end up!

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#9 Posted by TJDMHEM (1877 posts) -

video games and golf

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#10 Posted by KiIIyou (27197 posts) -

Painting, also too, making heads outta clays

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Hi, I'm new here!!! As of now, my hobby is to read and listen to podcasts about Mythology! Hope you find Mythology interesting :D

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#12 Posted by Sevenizz (3901 posts) -

Needlepoint and crocheting.

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#13 Posted by Mandzilla (4109 posts) -

@titanraven: I love mythology.

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I've got a few hobbies. I like to see how stuff works and is built. So I'll take apart almost anything I can. It's helpful in future projects and repairs. My real issue is besides gaming, I'm picking up hobbies and then dropping them after I've figured out that I can do.

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#15 Posted by DEVILinIRON (4859 posts) -

Film buff, gaming buff, pinball buff, reading buff, though I myself am not buff. I enjoy talking in my sleep. And in the waking hours I play the quiet game, for neighbors' sake.

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#18 Posted by titanraven (48 posts) -

@mandzilla: Reallyyyyy <3 Whose story is your favorite? :)

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#19 Posted by comp_atkins (35733 posts) -

last hobby before having kids was this badboy. haven't had much time since having kids to really work on it further.

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#20 Posted by MirkoS77 (14213 posts) -

Gaming and sleep. Drawing when I feel up to it.

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#21 Posted by robert_sparkes (3075 posts) -

Obviously games but sport in general mainly football.

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#22 Posted by HEATHEN75 (719 posts) -

Video games, comics and fantasy football. Been meaning to get back into home brewing as well.

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#23 Posted by with_teeth26 (9548 posts) -

gaming, writing (mostly about games), golf, fly fishing, AT/backcountry skiing, mountaineering

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#24 Posted by SuperfluousReal (361 posts) -

Masturbation, if i meet a woman it's sex.

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Right now, getting back to skateboarding. It's a bit difficult at 25. I can do an ollie but have not perfected it. I need to learn to do a shuvit next and maybe a pop shuvit. Hoping swimming and lifting weights will aid me in skateboarding.

Also like listening to rap and EDM. Going to raves is nice too.

And obviously video games too.

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#27 Posted by Peasly (328 posts) -
  • Gaming,
  • iPad games
  • Reading (mainly stuff about dragons, wizards, magic, etc..)

When i'm not working..

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#28 Posted by Stranger_36 (666 posts) -

Watching movies.

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#29 Posted by Clifford_Sexylips (64 posts) -

I like to watch different things from movies to reacts. Nowadays, I would often watch WCG's Regional Final, ESL Gaming, and HCT Championship just to get information on how to play things.

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#31 Edited by Blair5 (17 posts) -

I own a company so you can imagine that I dont really have spare time, but sometimes I just have to make it because I would get stuck with my work and would not be able to think properly. Recently I discovered apps and online gaming sites so every time I have spare time in office I play. Mostly I play Candy Crush https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.king.candycrushsodasaga&hl=sk when we talk about Apps and Casino Guru https://casino.guru/40-Super-Hot-slot-play-free online, sometimes I play cards with my assistant for a while. My wife loves Jenga but she also plays Casino guru and we compare scores.

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#32 Posted by Orionsbane (32 posts) -

Dammit, I don't how to answer this question.

I mean, at the moment I have not a single activity I could call a hobby. I just work, watch Netflix, play games from time to time (obviously), learn Polish (this isn't a hobby as it's more of a necessity). But, I must say, I do love watching detective stories on Netflix.

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#33 Posted by Blair5 (17 posts) -

@orionsbane: thats very interesting, why are you learning polish ?

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#34 Posted by Orionsbane (32 posts) -

@blair5: Cause my spouse is Polish and it's a bummer that I can't talk to his family. Plus there's real possibility we might move to Poland at some point in life. So better be prepared.

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#35 Posted by livingdeadman (204 posts) -

I like to write music. Sometimes I hear music in my dreams and I write it down when I wake up.

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#37 Posted by PSP107 (17476 posts) -

@orionsbane said:

@blair5: Cause my spouse is Polish and it's a bummer that I can't talk to his family. Plus there's real possibility we might move to Poland at some point in life. So better be prepared.

And the cold.

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#38 Posted by Blair5 (17 posts) -

I like chess, someone says its boring but I like it..

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#39 Posted by VanDammFan (4773 posts) -

ride bikes on road and off..do a little drawing..little photography..movie reviews..some video games..have a youtube channel if anyone wants to check some stuff out.. just search for mikieson ..

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#40 Posted by adamlimbrent660 (12 posts) -

I like to make music

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I like to travel. I want to go in Europe and visit Chernobyl. What do you say about this service https://gamma-travel.com/chernobyl ?

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#42 Posted by PETERAKO (2143 posts) -

@realistic44: Classic retro PC guy here. I collect old parts(mainly through salvaging) trying to make them work etc. Into gaming too of course. Soon to start going on ADV biking and bike trips with a KLE500, or at least that is the hope. Dreamed of being a pilot, but that is too expensive.

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#44 Posted by kriggy (1179 posts) -

Alpine sports, mostly snowboarding. I just love speed 😄!
When off-season I mostly try to stay in shape for the next season, takes a lot of time tbh...

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#45 Posted by AdamK47 (1118 posts) -

PC Gaming.

My car.

Pretty much just those two things.

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#47 Posted by Maxx515 (1 posts) -

realistic44, I like to collect rare weapons and tools, that can be used for different needs in my backyard, like rare mauls and warhammers ( like these: https://cozyhousetoday.com/maul-vs-warhammer/ ), and especially to use them and test on their durability and strength, and how exactly they will do their job in this and that situation, you know.

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#48 Posted by iamokkk (11 posts) -

Sports of course. I am ex basketball player but had to quit because of my health.

So i know a lot about sports but can't play it.

So i found the way to us my knowledge and get some money.

First of all i tried betting and it was pretty gunny but then i found that nice place http://playcanadaslots.com and can say,that it's a lot more fun then betting.Now that's my main hobby.

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#49 Posted by Speeny (1764 posts) -

Gaming & music. I enjoy cooking too.

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#50 Posted by pook99 (862 posts) -

Obviously gaming like everyone else on here. Outside of that I enjoy weightlifting, judo, brazilian jiu jitsu, kickboxing, watching movies, listening to political talk radio from both sides of the spectrum, watching youtube gaming videos, and spending time with my wife and friends. I would also consider eating a hobby since I do it far more than is necessary to survive.