Name 5 Brands you are die hard loyal

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Sony (PS)

Samsung (Home Appliances and Androids)

Levis (Jeans and T shirts)

Coca Cola (Beverages. Love Sprite so much)

Mac Donalds ( Can't live without Mickey D's burgers and fries)


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That is all. I just sat here for a few minutes and can't think of one other thing that I am inflexible on.

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Sony generally makes good products. Theyre also generally good value. The MDR XB50AP iems are exceptional for being $30. The Sony 7506s are by far the best $80 headphones, which produce sound that often exceeds other models costing more than twice as much.

Sennheiser was once a go to brand for headphones but tbh the cx300s, while sounding alright, are poorly made. I must have gone through 3 pairs and i take pretty good care of the things i buy. Even really cheap sony stuff tends to be not so bad.

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american eagle


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Sony- Love their game consoles and their TV's

Nintendo- still has a really special place in my heart.

Capcom- Some of my favorite games of all time.

Sooo yea I can only name three and their all gaming companies. I would have named Disney but they have dropped the ball on so many things they can go F themselves.

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Can't think of a single brand I'm that loyal to. I do have preferences though:




Perry Ellis

Cafe Bustello

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None. But using apple products maybe turning me into a filthy fanboy of their company. Still won’t ever defend them tho.

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Under Armour because they make purple clothing which is my favorite color.

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@heathen75 said:

I just sat here for a few minutes and can't think of any other thing that I am inflexible on.

Fixed, oh that's mine.

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not really a die hard fan of any brand in particular. defiantly have preferences though.

been w/ verizon for years because other cell carries in my area suck
last few phones and tv's have been samsung but i've shopped around for alternatives..

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Peterbilt I guess? I wouldn't say "die hard loyal" because I will drive other trucks.

I haven't really been brand loyal since I became an adult.

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@Gamerno6666 said:

None. But using apple products maybe turning me into a filthy fanboy of their company. Still won’t ever defend them tho.

How can you even buy their products? Their philosophy is so anti-consumer it's not even funny. They don't even really offer repair services anymore, and do everything in their power to sell you a new device rather than replace a $15 part.

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@foxhound_fox: Well need to spend some money to make some, right? And since i make a living by creating ios apps so i dont have much choice in the matter.

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  1. Nvidia GPU only
  2. AMD CPU Ryzen only
  3. Nintendo
  4. Mountain Dew
  5. Chick-Fu-A
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AquaFresh > Colgate

Coke > Pepsi

Playstation > Xbox

Mcdonalds > Burger King

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In N Out

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Gillette (Razors.)

Sargents Meat Pies

Nintendo (Mostly.)

Burger King (Love a whopper.)


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None really.

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Can't think of anything really. I PREFER things such as Pepsi to Coca Cola.

Like Samsung tvs but mainly just because Soundbar is Samsung and I like the Bluetooth connectivity aspect of it.

I have an Xbox and PS4 but not really loyal to either. Use Xbox more because that's what my friends play on.

Not long swapped from an iPhone to a Google Pixel so not specific about that...

So yeah..I have an open mind I guess lol.

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Square Enix



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  • Irn-Bru
  • Greggs the Bakers
  • Tunnocks
  • Indzman
  • Ainsley Harriott Broccoli & Stilton Cup Soup
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Panasonic - Specifically their Lumix brand of mirrorless cameras.

Microsoft Windows - I don't think I'll ever buy a MacBook and I'm rather tech illiterate so Linux is not an option, so Windows wins by default.

Toyota - I'm open to other car brands, but a Toyota will always be at or near the top of the potential next car list.

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Maurices' (local to SC)
Amazon Go

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I'm not loyal to any brand. I have Sony and MS consoles, Samsung phones and TVs, Sony Amplifier, JBL surround speakers, Amazon echos, Ring doorbells, MS Pcs, Apple iPad and phones for the wife and kids.

All of those components replaced components by different manufacturers before.

Basically I research who makes components that suit my needs.

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  • Sony
  • Superdry
  • Google
  • Samsung
  • Reebok

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AC/DC music, I know it's not a brand

Beautiful Chick's, again I know it's not a brand.

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My videogame brand loyalty died with the Sega Dreamcast.

I do enjoy my DC comics, i think they just put out better books than Marvel.

For shoes Im partial to New Balance.

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Burton and Levi’s dude...

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I'm more loyal to certain models than the brand itself. I'm very bi-polar in what I like at times anyway.

I hate mac, the rest of their lineups are ripoff, but I love their phones. Love Jobs and Jony Ive design.

A big fan of amd for their come back story despite using intel and nvidia for longer amounts of time.

Not a fan of lots of Honda interior and cars, but I respect their make in motors and motorsports ex. f1 and motogp.

Hate tesla, love Musk, hate suckerberg, use facebook and ig all the time.

Perhaps Uniqlo is my only thing that I'm loyal to when I discovered it in Asia years back and went to their LA soft launch.

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Got my preferences, but I am more than likely to abandon a brand if I get pushed. My new CPU is gonna be a ryzen 3600. My last rig was intel as well as my current, but I Don't feel like buying intel anymore.

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Salomon and Jakomo. Although not a die hard fan, just big fan.

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I don't think I am 100% loyal to any one brand since they can very easily lose my business with one stupid video or campaign.

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Honda, because I've owned two and they're the best cars I've ever had.

Intel, because AMD crapped out on me twice, and Intel has not

Nvidia, because ATI (pre-AMD) crapped out on me three times, and AMD...see above.

Valve, because no one has surpassed Half-Life as a game, and Steam as a distribution platform, while still managing to be privately owned and keep their integrity.

Vanguard S&P 500 ETF (VOO), slow and steady wins the race.