"It's not pigs in a blanket!" What else could it be then?

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So, got into an argument with a co-worker of mine today about what breakfast sausage rolled up in pancakes is called, and I said they were called pigs in a blanket. She refuses to accept that terminology rebutting with pigs in a blankets only being comprised of hot dogs. I told her that they also could include breakfast sausage as well, but she's having none of that. Yet, she can't come up with what else they could be called.

Anyone here ever heard of another name for breakfast sausage wrapped in pancakes aside from pigs in a blanket?

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Pigs in a blanket turns out to be quite broad when it comes to food. The only time I have heard of pigs in blankets is sausage wrapped in bacon which is popular amongst us Brits. I have never heard of sausage wrapped in a pancake before.

As for your co-worker, she is wrong. I mean, sure, a hot dog can be called pigs in blankets, but can also mean anything that's wrapped in sausage.

The only random terminology I can think of is sausage pancake wrap.

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Never heard of pancake wrapped sausages either (need to try that now), but with bacon they're often called kilted sausages here in the UK.

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It's basically a breakfast corndog. (and a heck of a lot better.)

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A piggy in a blanket, is a cheerio also known as a cocktail frankfurt wrapped in puff pastry.

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Here in Australia we sometimes call them Puffy Dogs.

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@Ovirew: "It's basically a breakfast corndog."

But it's a pancake?

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I usually call them pig in a blanket myself but in some places I've been to I've heard people call them "Kolaches".

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@PSP107: yeah it's literally a breakfast sausage wrapped in fried pancake batter on a stick.

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At first glance I was immediately siding with your coworker, and violently so. "Breakfast sausage!? BREAKFAST SAUSAGE!" Words like "heretic" and "blasphemer" came to mind, and visions of violence against the false prophet that speaks out against traditional pigs-in-blankets recipes.

But then I thought "Growing up, my mom wrapped hot dogs in tortillas with a slice of cheese and called them that". And when I became an adult, I noticed that some people wrap them in pastry (usually the Pillsbury crescent stuff) and I didn't object to that.

I am sure people would see my mom, happily rolling up hot dogs in tortillas with some cheese for her kids to enjoy, and scream at her. Some of the more right-wing foodies might even accuse her of forsaking her white heritage by incorporating Mexican ingredients :P

TL;DR: I guess what I am trying to say is that if 1.) a sausage is 2.) wrapped in a bread or dough 3.) and then cooked and served, it's a "pig in a blanket". Hot dog, breakfast sausage, bratwurst....pastry, tortilla, pancake...cooked together or cooked separately and assembled...doesn't matter.

@PSP107 said:

@Ovirew: "It's basically a breakfast corndog."

But it's a pancake?

Well, they don't have to be fried. Though a lot of places do.

I was visualizing more of a large thing pancake with a sausage in it, sort of like a taco.

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Pigs in a blanket can include sausage, bacon, hot dogs and other variations of pork. It's not called hot dog in a blanket -- as long as it's pork-based meat then you're correct.

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@JustPlainLucas: Pork in a poncho!

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@JustPlainLucas: Well, maybe breakfast crepes? My grandmother always made what became known as breakfast crepes. Hers consisted of a very thin pancake wrapped around scrambled eggs, topped with cheese sauce and sprinkled with bacon. I imagine you could throw a sausage in there instead of eggs and it would still be a breakfast crepe.

Your name works as well in my opinion, but for me Pigs in a Blanket refers to hot dogs rolled in a crescent roll with cheese in the middle of the hot dog. It's not a breakfast food at all.