its been years i guess

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So its been ages since i was on a forum...

forgot i had an account here lol.

is gamespot still alive?

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it's a thriving community of riveting conversation and sparkling wit

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@Macutchi: Your nose is growing.

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No one is alive here. All humans abandoned it years ago.

This is now a testing location for next-gen chatbots.

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No actually, the recent posts you see are all illusions fabricated by the mods so they don't feel so lonely. This site is basically 3 people talking to each other with different accounts. My real name is Stevo the gamer.

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Hi, I'm an NPC.

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I don't come on for months at a time and don't feel like I miss much lol.

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It isn't as active here as it probably should be. Most of us regulars login often, but forum topics die off kind of quick.

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I just come to GS out of bad habit lol.