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I tried this new tool from Microsoft called AppStudio and I made a couple of apps for gamespot followers.
For windows 8 and for windows phone.
It's nice if you don't through the whole page but just want to see anything new. But what called to my attention is how little info RSS feeds are given. It has no official app and it makes fan-made apps poor. What do you think? Would you use something like this?

Just feel that the community can grow that way.

(BTW no ads in apps, I'm not here for spamming)

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@Federico1993: This is super cool! Thanks for making this!

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@behardy24: Hey, thanks! I would love some feedback if you see anything weird or that could be improved in minor ways. It basically depends on RSS so I can only get as much info as GS lets me but just in case it's going weird in some terminal.

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I don't use apps, since I do not have a data plan for my cellular phone.