Favorite food, food and gaming

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What's your favorite food? What do you like to eat while playing games?

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Chicken wings. Preferably salt and pepper.

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Blue chips, plain.

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I don't eat anything while gaming. I don't even drink anything sugary while gaming. When I want to eat something, I would take a break and won't come back until I'm finished.

I like to keep my setup nice and clean.

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My favorite food is probably tacos.

When I'm gaming I usually don't eat, and I normally only drink water.

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Doritos and Mountain Dew.

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@Archangel3371 said:

Doritos and Mountain Dew.

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@warmblur: All hail Pope Geoff Keighley.

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@Archangel3371: A true memer lol

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My kids got me beer and red-hot spicy chips for Christmas. I guess they want me to doze off or get a hangover so that I stay home while they and their mom go shopping without me grumbling. ;)

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Hamburgers are my favorite food with french fries)) I also like to eat tiramisu dessert with my girlfriend https://escortgothenburg.info

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Only healthy food) Nothing else but salads and boiled meat. The rest of the time I do fat burning with beauties https://escortclujnapoca.info )))

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I believe OP is asking two different questions.

Favorite food? Lately it's been Chipotle-style salad bowls and their varieties(grilled protein, lettuce, rice, beans, cheese, veggies).

Like to eat while gaming? I usually don't (due to messiness and time) but if it had to be anything then I'd snack on chips.

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Korean is my favorite food.

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Chinese food is my favorite cuisine. There was a time when I would cut class, get a chinese stir fry to go for lunch from a place that no longer exists, and go home and watch anime that I recorded from Toonami/Adult Swin the night before and just felt warm, happy, and comforted.

To any students whoever may read this, don't skip class. It's a really dumb thing to do, even if it feels good in the moment.

Gaming wise it's best to eat things that can be held without utensils like pizza, but you're not really enjoying the food because you're not really thinking about it. It's kind of a waste in that sense.

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I don't eat while gaming, I have to keep stopping on and off. Drink, Coke, root beer, coffee, etc.... I clean my X1 controller with a damp cloth that's disinfecting and safe to use to my controller.

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These days I’ve been digging a good seafood chowder. But, in general I usually enjoy Indian food the most.

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Well Mexican is my fave type of cuisine, so enchiladas, tacos, fajitas, burritos etc. A bit messy to have while gaming though, so occasionally some nachos with melted cheese on top. Really a big cheese fan too!

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unsweetened soy milk, banana, cocoa/cacao powder, cacao butter smoothies

unsweetened soy milk, unsweetened yogurt (preferably that doesn't taste like sour cream), peanut butter smoothies


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@crimsonllama said:

favorite food is Cincinnati chili or possibly just chili in general

but gaming fuel is gummy bears. Preferably frozen. It slows me down when eating them and I just like cold things in general. Lately I've been drinking half gatorade/powerade and half water. The g2 stuff has fake sugar which I despise. At least watered down doesn't taste bad, just well, watery.

Ever had white chili?

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@crimsonllama: Yep, that sounds right. It has more mexican influence than traditional chili when it comes to taste from the peppers and seasoning.

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Usually I eat sweets while gaming mainly just snacks. Haribo starmix being a favourite I've always hated eating crisps and getting my controllers greasy.

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I don't usually eat while gaming but when I do I eat souvlakia.

The only thing I'll miss ( after my family ) if I leave this country.

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@crimsonllama: "but gaming fuel is gummy bears. Preferably frozen."

Frozen gummy bears?

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Powerade for electiclytes.

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I like sushi the most. I don't often eat it while gaming. If I eat while I game it's usually something like chips or cookies.

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I don't eat while I game, but my favorite foods are pretty common. Burgers, tacos, pizza, cheesesteaks, etc.

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pizza :)

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I don't eat while gaming.

My favourite food is salt and pepper squid and fried chicken.

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Don't really eat while gaming.. I have to pay attention, just to be a bad player .

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I'll take whatever's available. There's no need to be picky.

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No need to be bitter! Some people starv in areas of the world.

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It okay I see you more rookie than even me.😘