Do you guys read ebooks?

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I do.Actually all of my uni books are in PDF.Much cheaper than printed one , a lot easier to carry.Sometimes I read novels in PDF too , last time I read Metro 2033.I tried Homage To Catalonia too but gave up at around page 20 due to loss of interest.

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not unless it has pictures

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I mainly read physical books, but I do have two loaded on my phone--I Want You To Shut The F#ck Up by D.L. Hughley, and Crash and Burn by Artie Lange.

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Nope, I still read physical books.

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I don't read books or ebooks. Never been a book person.

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Until recently, no. I downloaded The Art of War and Mein Kampf ebooks the other day to satisfy my curiosity.

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Hello, I've just downloaded Choices and I am really looking forward to reading it. Is this your first published title? At 110.000+ words this is a sizable work of fiction!

I have published several eBooks myself, exclusively non-fiction, and I am planning to publish my first fiction novel this year. Why did you choose smashwords over Amazon and/or other outlets?

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I do. I read eBooks on my Kobo Glo.

I've pretty much got 100% digital for reading. I commute, so I really hate carrying a physical book with me because they've always been damaged in my bag and I have limited space, so I can't really carry books of all shapes and sizes.

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I read almost exclusively ebooks these days. I do reviews for a website I run and it's easier to get digitial ARCs. Haven't paid for a book in well over a year. More than worth the eighty dollars or whatever that I spent on my Kindle.

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I doesn't work like that.