Travel case or slim case or both?

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Hi guys!

I just buy my new switch and im to happy))

But i want to make wright choice according to the case that i need for it, wich one is more usefull?

Compact slim case like tomtoc ( sorry cant post image ) or big travel case that can carry all accesories together?

Find set of 2 pcs big one and slim the price is litle higher then the price of big one ( around 37$ for set of 2 case + glas + charging cable )

Is it good choice how do you think?

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I would get the travel case because that would come in handy if you went on a trip somewhere.

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Definitely go with the small travel case. When you are taking the Switch with you all you are going to want is the console, games, and an external battery pack + USB-C cord. I've traveled with my Switch extensively and would not have wanted to bring along a bigger case.