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totally Lost

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@heroofwinds: same

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Not the real illuminati

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@JordanElek: nice bruh

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@mejster: thanks

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@mejster: nice bruh

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It was exactly 20 years ago that I bought Nintendo 64.

Along with Star Fox, Pilotwings, SM64, Diddy Kong Racing and Turok.

The following month was gaming heaven. I only had PS1 back then (and Amiga) to play on, so the super high quality of N64 games was totally out of this world. Great times.

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High everyone I play Nintendo 3DS feel free to ad me I play all pokemon games thank you .



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Downloaded the new demo for Octopath Traveler..well bad idea to try it out at 11pm..end up playing it till 2am...remind myself its time to sleep gotta get up for work. xD

Well I like this game :P ...the only complain..could they sharpen it up on big screen/docked?..looked blurred. Its probably fine on undocked screen. Anyway..looking foward to the full release. :P

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Hey guys, i would like to share with you this hystorical tour of most of the nintendo games so far. Hope you enjoy it. :3

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why is it so hard to find a sale for the Switch?