Into the Breach is the perfect Switch game

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Anyone else playing this? It's on sale right now for 10, but I had a few bucks of E-shop coins and so I got it for 7... it's a no brainer. This reminds me of the kind of tactical games I grew up playing on DOS like the original XCom. The music and graphics are great (assuming you aren't one of those anti-pixel-art people).

It's hard too - but designed in a way where failure is part of the path forward. If you don't have much respect for pixel art, don't let the visuals fool you - this is a serious game, and mechanically deep.

Highly recommended from what I've played so far!

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Nice. I will check it out later today. Thank you for the insight.

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@iambatman7986: yeah it's great! It seems like there's a lot of replay value, because when you win (or die) a whole mess of new opportunities arise from taking the game on in a new alternate timeline

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I also picked it up during that sale. Just got my ass kicked so far but I will get the hang of it.

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@Eikichi-Onizuka: yeah it gets tough fast. I'd be annoyed except you kind of progress even by failing

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The great thing about this game is how fair it is. Every single round, you know exactly what the enemy is going to do and in what order. There's no RNG to undo your most carefully laid plans. Doesn't mean it's easy, though.

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I love it, hopefully we get more strategy games on the Switch. :D

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@xantufrog: Yeah this is a nice game. I play it at work.

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Looks good. It's a beautiful thing when a cheap game turns out to be really great. Especially when you don't know what to expect.

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It's really really good! Just got the flight specialist and mech specialist achievements at the same time by using all ice mechs. Now have enough coins to unlock the Hazerdous Mechs squad.

Steel Judoka and Rusting Hulks are still my favourites though.

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Woot! Just beat my first game with Blitzkrieg. They are really tricky at first, but become pretty nasty once you get the hang of them and upgrade their powers.

I just unlocked Hazardous too... Looks like a tough but super interesting ride

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@xantufrog: Blitzkreig are shockingly powerful once you get those chain lightning attacks passing through building to reach like 4-5 enemies.

Hazardous were a bit tough for me at first. I don't know which pilots you have unlocked so far, but I'd recommend going with one that can reduce incoming damage such as Abe Isamu.

So long as you're A.C.I.D'ing targets up with the Nano Mech then killing them and getting the heals you should be good. Just keep an eye on your health.

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@xantufrog: This really does look cool. Thanks for the recommendation!

It reminds me of a game I played once, years ago. I really can't remember which one though.