3DS or Wii U ? Why ?

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As the title said , I never try Nintendo games before , so i'm deciding to get one soon. But which one is worthy ?
I loves both 3DS and Wii U games , Bravely Default , Fire Emblem , Kirby Triple Deluxe , Pokemon X/Y , Paper Mario on 3DS and Bayonetta 2 , Wonderful 101 , Mario , Mario Kart 8 and others !
Tell me which console is worthy and WHY !

Any suggestion is appreciated.

OH , I have XBOX360 and I think imma going to get a PS4 on year end.

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A 3DS,I would like to have it someday,but in XL.for the games...meh,I don't go too far aside from the irresistibly undeniable Animal Crossing: New Leaf

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The main difference between both platforms is the fact that most of the 3DS games you want are already available and half of the games you want on Wii U still have a TBA 2014 release date. You're going to be waiting a while with the Wii U whereas the 3DS already offers a solid library of games.

Get a 3DS. It has more to offer at a cheaper price.

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For me, it is the Wii U because the 3DS is so uncomfortable to hold that I could never enjoy any games on it.

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if you leave your house a lot...for school or work and you like to game on handhelds get a 3ds..

if you only stay at home then get a wiiu.

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The main reason to get a WiiU is if you have friends over a lot to play local multiplayer. Also, it's backwards compatible with Wii, which was a great system despite all the hate it gets. 3DS has a more certain future, more games from 3rd parties, and more games even from Nintendo themselves.

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I think a handheld would be a good addition to your gaming hardware, as it sounds like you will have the console situation covered. I think the 3DS would especially be a good option if you are on the move a lot. Plus, the 3DS has a superior library at this point.

I would definitely get the 3DS XL, though. I have big hands, and it is very comfortable.

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The 3DS is a better buy right now. There's a ton of great software as well as on the eShop too. Wii U still has a ways to go.