What Is Your Favorite Racing Game?

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#51 Posted by Jackamomo (2156 posts) -

Virtua Racing for twitchy arcade physics and high octane real arcade experience.

V-Rally: Extreme Edition by Eden Games. V-Rally just has a more in depth and hardcore feel to it than Dirt games without being geeky or boring. It has excellent textures and is extremely challenging but for some reason unbelievably fun. Also it has a track editor which is excellent.

Dirt 2 because I probably played that the most historically and well, it's Codemasters.

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#53 Edited by robert_sparkes (3228 posts) -

Recent times its Forza Horizon but I enjoyed destruction derby on PS1 immensely.

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#54 Posted by Steve5XG (180 posts) -

There are two racing games I am always happy to play:

- Mario Kart.

- Gran Turismo.

No matter the time I spend playing these games. It's always a really funny time.

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#56 Posted by Alople (6 posts) -

Mario Kart.

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#57 Posted by WannabeGG (10 posts) -

Need For Speed & Midnight Club

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#58 Posted by robert_sparkes (3228 posts) -

Mk 64

Forza Horizon

Midnight club


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#59 Posted by blamix (862 posts) -

Mario Kart and CTR