What is your favorite GTA game of all time.

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#52 Posted by Yams1980 (3511 posts) -

I like the storyline and characters in GTA Vice city and San Andreas. But the best overall is probably GTA V. It combines what i liked about the open country side of San Andreas with some things from Vice city i liked also.

I hate GTA 4, i didnt like anything in this game except the combat was improved over the previous ones. I kinda like GTA 3 but i really hate how the main character is a mute... but i'd rather play GTA3 over 4 since its a short game and be done with it and move onto something else.

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#53 Posted by msmith80 (3 posts) -

My favorite is gta san andreas guys

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#54 Posted by watchdogsrules (545 posts) -

San Andreas easy

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#56 Edited by Valgaav_219 (2432 posts) -

1. San Andreas

2. Vice City

3. The Ballad of Gay Tony

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#57 Posted by robert_sparkes (3075 posts) -

5 and Vice city for me. I would love a vice city remake in the graphics of 5.