Should I get a Switch or Oculus Rift S?

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Poll: Should I get a Switch or Oculus Rift S? (2 votes)

Obviously Switch! 🙌 100%
Of Course Oculus! 🤩 0%
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VR to me isn't possible due to my awful eyes and easily ill due to motion sickness. So impossible for me to recommend.

Switch. . Is great but the battery is pretty awful. At average lasts two hours. After a year of use it fades to just over an hour. Even with smaller games like retro collections only give the Switch a twenty minute boost.

If you never planned to use the Switch like a handheld like I do? Go for it, but grab a Pro controller, best first party controller on the market in my opinion. Handheld? Well, if you've waited this long, you may as well see if Nintendo release a better battery version in a year or two.