Resident Evil fanboys are toxic on a whole new level!

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I don't get why people coo and get so worked up over people's personal opinions to do with a video game franchise. Quite frankly, I don't like the shoot and loot nature of the recent action heavy ones, but I don't go around YouTube trying to single out random people for being misleading, overdramatic, or whatever the issue is. People can play whatever games they want, and it's all subjective mumbo jumbo anyway.

Last year, I stuck up for this guy called Nemesis, who is probably the finest example of someone who is truly hell bent on exposing Capcom as fraudsters. I'm not sure if that's the mentality you should have towards a company that makes your favourite franchise, but I agree that some of their games are very much just being made to act as a cash grab. However, I don't see what's wrong with a guy letting off steam on YouTube if he feels a company has let us down. We have a right to voice how we feel, but I think him boasting that Capcom knows about his content is a massive exaggeration. Even the biggest channels, are like a small fish in a big pond compared to Capcom.

A year ago, I engaged in a feud with two YouTubers who also have a large following. In fact, I could care much less if someone has half a dozen followers, or whether they have 4K suck-ups to back them up. It's the honesty in one's videos that I appreciate more than anything, so the amount of followers and editing skills doesn't bother me. Because if anything, this is a likely indication that they have already had an ego-boost. Very few YouTubers get this far without being controversial in some manner.

So what happened? Well, these guys were making videos about Nemesis' channel, because of his attitude towards Capcom. Now I agreed with what Nemesis said, because I've witnessed the decline in quality myself, and so I've also been mad at Capcom for screwing up a series that I love. These trolls started making videos about me as well. Eventually, Nemesis sided with them, probably to save face. But I honestly don't like people that do a swerve like that, just because the hate talk isn't going in their favor, and they're scared of being seen as a laughing stock. And he claims it wasn't them. He said that he turned on me because I made an underhanded remark about 9/11 - due to them being American. Nemesis didn't like that I made a derogatory remark about his country, so he washed his hands of me, and also because one of the dudes mocking us had been dredging up old nonsense about me being a "woman basher", because I linked them to an Encyclopedia Dramatica page that some other sore losers wrote years ago, in a sad effort to get their massive revenge over old, petty drama. There is something on there about me losing a job over a girl, although this occurred way back in 2006 and has no merit in a debate over a video game. But that's what happened. This Nemesis even did a live stream recently with the guy who calls himself BioDevil_Dom, like all their past animosity has evaporated. I've also doxxed that fruitcake before, which is why they doubled-down on the hate, and I'm sure they're aware that I have PDD-NOS. Unfortunately, this appears to be a regular thing with both their YouTube videos and their comments on Twitter, where they variously bash people they don't agree with, such as Suzy Lu, The Detective, and Nemesis.

Like I said, someone's opinions reflects their views. That doesn't give people the right to upload attack videos, and this is partly why I'm on the verge of being done with Resident Evil. Not only have the games gone downhill, there's no sense of community anymore. Most of the fan forums are long gone. The relatively few forums that remain on the Internet are a boneyard these days, where it's a case of people either not posting much at all, or if they do post, they often act really snide and pompous over dissenting viewpoints. So there's really nowhere to post any longer, apart from generic gaming forums like that God awful site, known as NeoGAF. To me, Wikipedia has also ended up a waste of time.

But the point being is that the Resident Evil community is very much a toxic environment full of crazies that you need to avoid, as if your sanity depended on it. I've even had some New Zealander (or Aussie) guy following me around forums, constantly spamming a flash image of his excrement on a photo of me laying in his toilet, and also saying that I use my 'retard payments' to finance low budget films so that the producers cast me as an extra. You would honestly think, all arguments aside, that fully grown-up adults would actually have some brains... and not be behaving this way with other men online, over gaming disputes. But no!

P.S. I think that if Resident Evil is ever to go back to its roots, Capcom needs to stop copying other games and making it seem like this is not noticeable. But it's 2019... and I don't believe they can. Even with all this new technology, the actual horror tone is very much a hit or a miss.

I hope you get a good laugh out of watching this babyish stuff, just as I did. For some reason, one of the videos now has this annoying green flash going across the video, that wasn't there previously. This must be a glitch, or possibly it's something he did to hide my face so he doesn't get flagged again.

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To me Capcom had a hit or miss during the PS2/Gamecube time and then completely miss the mark with PS3 and now they seems to do hit or miss again.

They had a thing going on with the Gamecube when they launched REmake, Viewtiful Joe and Okami ... Devil May Cry was good but Street Fighter was meh at best and RE4 was a good game but not a great RE.

PS3/X360 ... Devil May Cry 4 was garbage, the reboot of DMC was fun but crappy DMC, RE5 and RE6 was uber garbage, not bad action game but far from being good RE games ... Street Fighter did a very nice comeback

PS4/X1, DMC5 was good and they came back to the original look instead of the reboot. RE7 and RE2 remake were amazing RE games, Street Fighter 5 while a good fighting game wasn't what fans wanted .

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Agreed, man.

When Microsoft brought out the Xbox 360 years ago, I really genuinely thought games would look amazing, and play amazing too. But all I saw was a medicore approach to making games, and slowly, Capcom deviated the franchise too far from what it started out as - all for money. Maybe it 'saved' the series during that slump they suffered, but it also 'ruined' the series.

It's funny how the first remake came out in 2002, but they didn't really "remaster" it for the newer formats. They just changed the camera so it zooms in. So it's not really HD. The recent remake is a good game, but it's certainly not a masterpiece, and if people love it, all the better for them. To me, it was just a rush job. And Konami is worse than Capcom. I'll at least give kudos to Capcom for still making games, but... I don't think they have their touch anymore.

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Yes very crazy... a lot of fanbases are really wired and hard to interact with IMO.

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Does anyone know how I can get these videos removed? I've never had any success up to now.

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Don't throw everyone in the same boat please.

Sharing meme videos from juvenile loners is something one can find for almost anything, especially in gaming. Just because these loud individuals shout from the rooftops, does not mean they share opinions with the majority of a fanbase.

Most the Resident Evil fans I've known since beginning are pretty calm, understanding and easy going.

I've been a fan since Outbreak (playing online with the RE community) and I like the majority of games, new and old. Only exceptions is when Capcom lost the franchise identity and tried chasing the Gears of War money. And even then I found some 'fun' but also didn't exactly cry about the change, just hoped Capcom would get priorities in check.

And seems they did after sweating off The Evil Within.

So, yeah. Came in as the old format was dying out and fully understood the evolution of 4. I love Resi4, just as much as Remake (which I had on Gamecube beat it so much with just the knife on hard). And even then I see the benefits of the camera change. But also preferring the importance of item management and solving a puzzle under intense circumstances.

To me the new Remake2 is a perfect middle-ground. Though, I wish it had more variety (no game is perfect I guess)

As such, the main people I see complain about Resident Evil changes are just on the hate bandwagon. Most probably never touched a Resi game before 5 (sales also point to this being more likely factual)

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I've played all of them since around 1999 and the best ones were the first four. I was at least 14 when I started with the franchise, as I recall going to buy the first game when I turned 15, but the second game was my first one. I've since collected nearly every number one horror film since 1925 and I also collected a lot of rare survival horror games across different platforms, and I think the movies lost their touch over the last few decades, but saw a bit of a comeback, and then went downhill again. The thing is, the genre has been going for so long, that keeping things original, is hard to do. People always want something new, but that usually involves a mixture of cross-genres, so it's not always going to please everyone. Sometimes, it works. Sometimes, it's not what people wanted.

With gamers, it's kind of the same. People thought the PlayStation ones were too restrictive, yet those ones maybe didn't have the best controls, but the story was solid. I think they improved the gameplay with the ones from 2005 to now, but they removed a lot of the highlights of the series, and also made the series not make sense anymore. The story is all over the place.

I think the reason The Last of Us is a great game is because they worked on that for years, and done it right. It wasn't a rush job. With Resident Evil, I think Capcom have to start and stop the development so much, that it ends up being put together with superglue.

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I've been a fan of the series since I played the first one on PlayStaion. Resident Evil changed with 4. It went from Survival Horror to more Survival Action. I enjoyed 4 very much and I kinda understood the change. It had a grown a bit stale and repetitive and it was time for something new. I didn't enjoy 5 and 6 very much, maybe because 2-player co-op don't work very well playing alone.

I was a bit disappointed with Codename:Veronica. Maybe because I've waited so long for it. I didn't have a DreamCast and felt I waited long for the PS2 version. The whole plot with Alfred/Alexia was very weird and didn't really fit into the "RE-universe".

I think they were back in good form with Revelations.

I really like the remakes, especially RE2. It was fun to finally revisit that game.

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I’ve enjoyed all the main Resident Evil games myself from when I played the very first game when it came out up to and including the recent Resident Evil 2 Remake which I feel is probably the best RE game to date. I even really enjoyed RE5 and RE6 which are typically the more maligned of the RE games.

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Revelations 2 is one of my favorite entries, because you get to play as the new master of unlocking - Barry Burton. It may be a bit of a knock-off of The Last of Us (see the winter section with Moira and this old man, named Evgeny) and the gameplay mechanics are pretty much the same too. I'm surprised Naughty Dog hasn't had a friendly word with Capcom over that, to be honest. But the mind control thing with Alex living on through Natalia Korda kind of feels out of place in the series. More science fiction than horror, to me. That idea wasn't even in the other games. It was always about people succumbing to viruses, or being taken over by parasites. So that was a really odd addition to the series.

RIP Albert and Alex [Wesker].

The CGI movies and Revelations games must continue. They're a great way to bring back lesser used characters. I'd like to know what happened to Billy Coen, for example, and some of the other partner characters that have been forgotten about over the years. I mean, could he have gotten out of the woods with all those vicious dogs that killed Joseph and Edward? That feels unlikely, but he may have succeeded.

Also, I hate how Hunk was only (canonically) in 2. Everything else he has showed up in, has been battle mode type crap that isn't officialy part of the actual plot. We never really found out what other missions he may have participated in afterwards. It seems to be a waste for Capcom to throw these characters in games and never re-use them. It's maybe time Capcom, to think about bringing certain ones back. Even if it's just for closure, I'd be okay with that. And I wanna see Jill again as well.

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I thought this was gonna be about Resident Evil 4 being accused of anti-semitism.

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RE2 remake was amazing and Capcom is awesome. That's all you need to know.

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So your taking the crazy opinions of 3 people and making a judgement on a community easily in the hundreds of thousands?

On the internet you could always find a crazy or irrational person on literally any topic, forming a consensus about a group of people based on that crazy person is not a rational thing to do. If you like the games, great, enjoy them, if you don't than thats fine, just play something else. Getting worked up over a game and others opinions on it just seems like a waste of time.

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Um, it started out as them disagreeing with this Nemesis dude, and I sort of made a poor man's attempt at being his fall guy, and what happened after that hurt me deeply, because I don't have a social life offline. In a way, it felt like he was my last big chance to make something of all the garbage I'd been subjected to for 15 years, from fans of these games on other forums since at least 2003. But that will never happen. It's hard to recover from having your name soiled by others, and after 15 years of the same sort of abuse from trolls, it's just not possible to recover. They also slandered me on an Encyclopedia Dramatica article, which I only ever got deleted once back in 2010.

Nemesis ended up betraying me after they all saw some comment I made about Americans and 9/11 (which I really just said for cheap heap, but apologies if that is offensive). I've tried looking on YouTube for a 'suitable replacement' of sorts, but cry babies doing 9342 word essays on the series for 1 and a half hours seems mega rare. The point being, is that these guys are rude, and it appears they've been bashing other YouTubers for years. It also seems that they got through to Nemesis through manipulation. He eventually changed his tone, in a way, and stopped screaming in his videos. He is almost like a different, "better person" now. The old Nemesis was way more heroic... metaphorically speaking!

It went from like 10 to 90 fast with these guys. They said that one of my aliases makes me a "dead-ass paedophile" because it's a character from the Alone in the Dark series, who is a female child. Then he goes on to say that neither him nor his buddy will take down the videos, and more salty threats about how, 'it's hilarious that the videos trigger him so much to the point where he is obsessed with wanting them removed' - all because I intervened when they were targeting Nemesis originally, who they seem to be friends with now.

And like I said, most of the fan forums closed down years ago. I don't know if you remember the likes of Resident Evil Horror, or The Horror Is Alive. The latter is still around... but it's a graveyard now, apart from the 1.5 responses. I don't know why they even bother discussing that game anyway. Capcom won't release that game, because it was already scrapped and reborn as Resident Evil 2 in 1998. But, yeah. It's sad to see the franchise have its bad days too, after all the years that it has been a part of people's lives.

With that said, if you are even vaguely curious about how this started with them bullying Nemesis, there's several archived videos where the users in question are dissecting his content.

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@petersurvivor99: I would be more concerned about your lack of a real life social life than the opinions of a few youtube losers.

Listen man, relationships online are not a replacement for real life relationships, very often people online are toxic and your experience is actually pretty common, most of the time people online behave far differently than they would in real life. People in real social situations would simply never behave the way they behave online and they go to their worst possible place because there is no accountability to their actions.

If you want my advice, put this behind you, I understand why you would get upset but what happened here could have happened with any online community. Go out in the real world and try and make some real life friends. I don't know anything about you, but there are options out there to meet people in real life, and I think your time is best suited to exploring those avenues rather than wasting your energy and emotion on youtube trolls.

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Yeah, that sounds cool. I appreciate the honest advice!


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@r-gamer said:

RE2 remake was amazing and Capcom is awesome.

Capcom have had its bad titles and misunderstanding its customer-base; but for the most part I agree with this statement.

Remake 2 is probably my favorite main entry in a very long time for the franchise. Not since Resi4 have I been this impressed by a Resident Evil game.

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@RSM-HQ: yeah I agree it is very good game. A real Resident Evil game.

I did replay the original RE2 and it is funny how the layout and some stuff is so different but both still feel like the same game. It is really amazing

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I'm still going to play them, even if they aren't as good. It's my favorite series. Resident Evil is something I'm passionate about, and who knows? Maybe I'll feel a lot better when I see what they can bring to the table for the PS5.

Now, if only Konami could revive Silent Hill, and make it feel relevant again. It would make my whole year knowing that they did something right for a change.

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@petersurvivor99 said:

I'm still going to play them, even if they aren't as good. It's my favorite series. Resident Evil is something I'm passionate about, and who knows? Maybe I'll feel a lot better when I see what they can bring to the table for the PS5.

Now, if only Konami could revive Silent Hill, and make it feel relevant again. It would make my whole year knowing that they did something right for a change.

If only konami would stop making crappy pachinko machines and destroying yugioh there are so many amazing games they could revive which would literally be printing free money for them.

I can't believe they finally announced a new contra and the fact that it releases on my birthday is just completely amazing, but the world really needs a new silent hill(maybe take inspiration from Re2make) and a new castlevania at the very least.

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Konami didn't make the last five or so games, which may explain why they were below average. They got outsourced to the likes of Climax Studios and other developers, one of which I think had only made one other, non horror game. I don't like any of them, apart from Origins. At least the prequel still feels like a Silent Hill game, and it has fixed camera angles, and the original version they were working on, looked kind of weird. I'm happy that they chose not to go ahead with that particular gameplay.

Story-wise, they're still good. I think this was still a strong point. But the combat was awful in Homecoming, and Downpour was very short, and the game had uniteresting enemies and locations, despite a promising start with the prison bus crashing. The only boss fight is at the end in the prison, and it's nothing special. Also, the game for me anyway, was buggy. It kept freezing briefly whenever you went around a corner, and you did not have to do any of the side story missions, which made it even shorter than normal. Also, you don't get to really use a gun until the final quarter of the game, so you have to use chairs, spanners and other objects, which felt tedious compared to other games in the genre that were coming out at the time.

Shattered Memories doesn't feel like a proper game because all you do is use a flashlight, enter numbers on a phone, and run around, and Book of Memories is too gimmicky, and has co-op. Konami should never have gotten rid of Team Silent, but I think Capcom making Resident Evil 4 into an action game is what made Konami undergo this unnecessary change.

Think of Hellraiser without Douglas Bradley playing Pinhead, and it's like that with Silent Hill as well. Yeah! That has happened twice now where some other guy played Pinhead, and even Douglas was furious about the treatment of the series, due to his actual friendship with Clive Barker, who was likely pissed off as well. Although even the direct to DVD sequels that Douglas was in were not as great as the initial trilogy, or maybe up to the fourth one, which I think is technically supposed to be the last one, and then the rest have a stand alone story, with only the main heroine returning in Hellseeker. The point being, is that all the best horror franchises went this way, like Freddy, Ghostface, Jason, and so on. I think it's a shame that this cheapened the legacy of these once fine franchises. It's like with Saw too.

The first time I watched Saw, I knew it was a special, 'never been done quite like that before' kind of a film. The short film attracted a lot of buzz. Everybody was supporting James Wan and acting like this was the future of the genre, so they were hopeful he'd revive the Resident Evil movies recently, which also went crappy if you actually supported those films, which few fans did. Then we got part 2 to Saw. Then came part 3.

OK, they were still popular with box-office receipts and audiences were still keen for it to continue, but they all felt really dumb eventually, since you're lead to try to believe that a bitter guy with cancer, mad at the world, is meant to be masterminding all of this, even after he kicks the bucket, and where does he get all these empty, maze like buildings to do these "games" in anyway? Then they did a fourth, a fifth, a sxith, and got carried away by making all this spin off media, and the last one felt pointless, because it was mostly a prequel to the other films, which feels like they padded it out more and more, when the story was more or less done with Hoffman getting his comeuppance from Dr. Gordon. Now Chris Rock is rebooting it, and I can see it getting more and more silly.

This is also how I feel about Resident Evil. Some entries are great, but then they started to feel a bit... too different, compared to its heyday. In a way, that happened to Dino Crisis too, because the man himself, Shinji Mikami made the first one, and then someone thought it was a bright idea to send the second sequel into space, and look how that turned out for Capcom. Even that shooter game, Dino Stalker, felt like a masterpiece compared to that game!

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@petersurvivor99: The team that made the older Silent Hill games became a department at Sony Japan Studios. Better known as Team Siren. I highly recommend the PS3 Siren game Siren: New Translation if at all interested. They also made the Gravity Daze games so the team is still alive and kicking. Many assume the next game they work on is a new Siren game as well.

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One of my favorite co-op horror games is Obscure. I don't think co-op in horror games is the worst thing, if utilized right. Resident Evil 5 is still a great action game with co-op, but an odd fit for the series, and kind of a cut and paste format game too, because it has the same enemies carrying over from Resident Evil 4 (just made to be African).

Revelations 2 has an interesting take on co-op, because one character in the main game doesn't use any firearms at all. Maybe future games could be like that, where one player is stranded from the other and you have to save your partner more often.

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I'm just sitting here, twiddling my thumbs waiting for the Nemesis remake honestly. I think if done faithfully will be better than Remake 2.