Not long now! Resident Evil/ Biohazard 2 hype-thread!!

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@lakeoffire71: I won't be helpful for your question as don't really follow Streamers, or streaming events. Maybe someone else can help you

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3 more weeks and the demo next Friday getting closer.

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One of the few games on my radar that I have full confidence that it will be good. I would be surprised if it did not review well or sell well. I have hated on Capcom a lot the past 10 years- But RE7 was pretty good and RE2 looks awesome. I have refused to watch a lot of gameplay cause I want it fresh.

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@Shmiity: I never went through the Capcom hate bandwagon that was pretty popular in 2006+ but understand why some did, Resi dropped its identity for Gears of War coop, BC and DmC reboots happened (to why? no one knows), and Street Fighter IV saw an absurd level of re-releases in a short amont of time. .

However, we also got Dragon's Dogma, Monster Hunter 3/ 4, Resi Revelations 1/2 was a step in the right direction, a good and new Strider game, along with a faithful remake of Bionic Commando. Capcom certainly failed in some areas but never thought it was getting as bad as some other publishers/ developers. They tested the waters once too much though, and clearly didn't react to fan demand very well.

Even now Capcom are making some big mistakes with its Fighting games at least, MvC:I last year and the advertising with SFV is still fresh on peoples minds.