Games you always wanted, but you saw some gameplay and now won't even touch it.

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Parappa the Rapper 2 Evergrace Final Fantasy X, Xiii, Xiii-2, Dirge of Cerberus, 8, 9 Megaman X5, 8 Castlevania Lords of Shadow, Super C4 Super Contra Kirby Squeak Squad Wario Ware games Super Monkeyball Super Monkeyball Adventure Sonic unleashed Sonic Heroes Most anime related games Most anime related games that are rpgs. Chrono Trigger Duck Tales Darkwing Duck (both versions.) etc. These are just some games where back in the day or recently, I had wanted to have in my gaming collection. but, after seeing some news (with images) or watching just some gameplay videos (not the whole thing of course) I lost interest and now won't even touch them. there may be an exception if very cheap, say under $5, but like I said, that would not be often and would not be any of the games I have listed in my example aboe. Sometime it's just a small thing, some time it's just a big thing, has this ever happened to you?
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Not particularly. If i want a game i'll buy it, if i'm not sure then i'll watch a gameplay video. But if i decide not to at that stage, it's not really going back on a desire to have the game.

I have wanted games that i've then bought and afterwards discovered they weren't what i was hoping for.

Final Fantasy XII, Devil May Cry 3, Drakengard, Odin Sphere, Prince of Persia 2 Thrones, Enter the Matrix, Red Dead Revolver, Warship Gunner, Urban Chaos.


It's not that these are bad games, just that i liked the look of them then found they weren't for me after playing them.

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Super Monkeyball is awesome :x the hell is wrong with you? I guess Evergrace is one of mine too. Can't think of many others.
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Why would you want a game in your collection without having seen any gameplay?

Why would you be disappointed in a game if you havn't actually played it yourself?

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I never really got into watching gameplay videos. I grew up playing demos or other peoples games.
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Parappa The Rapper 2....great game...-sad face-

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This has never happened to me. I wouldn't allow a video to dissuade me from playing a game, I would need to gather my own impressions of the game.