Games that took so long to be released that the hype died down?

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New or old.

I’m not familiar with many but I’d say Kingdom Hearts 3 was one of them. Not for the loyal fans but for casual players like me, yes. Psychonaughts 2 might be one as well.

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Borderlands 3, to an extent. Maybe the FF7 remake.

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Duke Nukem Forever. Took so long it became a joke, and when it came out it was--surprise surprise--a joke of a game.

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For me it's FF 7 definitely Luke warm for me now.

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Kingdom Hearts 3 turned out to be a total letdown for me. It wasn't even worth the wait.

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The Last Guardian PS4 comes to mind and it took a decade to get that game release and the hype surrounding it died off. I wasn't even excited picking it up and decided to wait for a sale after release. Played the game and I couldn't bring myself to get hype while playing it.

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Putty Squad took from 1994 to 2013.

Though from my understanding it wasn't in development all those years, System 3 cancelled the game and came back to it a decade or so later.

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@davillain-: That really does suck. I remember it was a very underwhelming release. I really loved what I played of ICO.

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@nepu7supastar7: Agreed. It felt so rushed. The gummi ship content was complete trash too.

What I didn’t like is that all of the worlds were shown off before release. (No surprise worlds, what?!) Kingdom Hearts II is so much better in my opinion.

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I concur with KH3. All that hype and wasn't what everyone expected.

I also like to add FFXV. So many years of development and speculation, and we were left with an incomplete game with the Day One edition. Then Square-Enix repackaged the game a few years later FFS.

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With episodic content and generic hack-and-slash gameplay, Final Fantasy VII Remake is destined to be a game with "all flashes zero substance".

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For me it's Yandere Simulator. I used to be so exited for the game, but after like 4 years of "I didn't manage to make much progress on the game" I just got tired and grew out of my weaboo stage.

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Alan Wake the story and characters are great but the gameplay gets repetitive the game was originally suppose to be open world I wish it stayed that way the game needed more variety. Shooting ghost like enemies isn't as satisfying as shooting normal human villains.

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@warmblur: Wow I didn’t know it was originally going to be open world. I think it would of been much better that way.

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Death Stranding. Its safe to say the hype is officially dead on that one!

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@henrythefifth: Yeah I haven't heard much on that game in a while.

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Sad... sad story.

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Dead Island 2

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@watchdogsrules: Yep, I remember that myself.