Activision Treyarch Black Ops II Banning Legit Players but Not Hackers.

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To say i'm disgusted with Activision and Treyarch would be an understatement. After playing long and hard i reached the world number 1 in the world on zombies scoreboards for PC, not only kills but revives, headshots and other stats along with some awesome high rounds with skilled friends :D (would be higher if not for quitters or disconnects lol) I have NEVER hack or cheat nor do my friends and my long standing account on steam also shows this, as does the black ops II theatre mode show i do not cheat or abuse any other online ingame. So why have i been permanently banned with no reason given and all my stats wiped? Now i'm left with a game that i cannot play after paying £55 for it around 2 wks ago, and more importantly leaving me unable to play with friends killing zombies which i love to do. I should also mention that i have not been vac banned on my steam account. All my friends say chances are it was because i was number 1 and all the jealous haters and hackers with some that left nasty comments on my profile reported me for something i have not done which got me banned, i find this hard to believe though when the obvious hackers that have been reported not only had impossible stats but constantly change them too, yet they remain there with no ban or removal, and my theatre mode would prove that i am not a cheat and dont abuse other players ingame. I even had one sad individual admit to writing the hack after i commented on my own profile about me hitting 100,000 kills, he commented i quote "Ryankinzz Nov 29, 2012 @ 2:15am Well since you hit 100,000 kills im going to relase my hack so more people can pass your no life ass up. Bye b*tch" What a nice bloke he is :/ (<-sarcasm) Confused, upset, angry, out of pocket and unable to play with friends i am at a loss on what to do. I am unemployed and cannot afford to buy again, and why should i when have done nothing wrong to my knowledge. Any suggestions or help of how i can follow this up further would be much appreciated as the Activision site is beyond a joke with dead links returning to same pages and a MW3 ban appeal but none for Bops II, it also states saying that a permanent ban is final and non disputable. I am upset that my stats that i worked hard for have gone but more so that now i cannot play with friends killing zombies :( Help anyone? Cheers. KrYo
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You should probably call up Activision's customer support, like immediately.

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Don't go through any ban appeal process from their main site, that will be swamped. Need to start writing emails, making phonecalls, be a gigantic pain in the butt till you get a response.
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This is the message i got back from Steam support about my recent unlawfull ban by Treyarch on Black Ops II i Quote... ---------------------------- "Hello, A staff member has replied to your question: Hello ****, Thank you for contacting Steam Support. Your Steam account is *not* VAC banned from Black Ops 2, however your Steam account has been banned by Treyarch from Black Ops 2 Multiplayer and Zombies. We have confirmed that your account is permanently banned from Black Ops 2 and the ban will not be removed. We will not disclose the cheats which were detected, nor will we provide the date and time the infraction took place. This ban applies to a Steam account (regardless of who was using the account at the time the infraction occurred). The use and security of the Steam account is your responsibility. If you choose to purchase a new copy of Black Ops 2, please create a new Steam account to register the game on." ---------------------------------- Ok so yeah of course i could buy another copy but i already spent £55 for 2 weeks play, we all know they are money grabbing b******ds is this the new way to increase sales? did i play too much in the first 2 weeks? know i love killing zombies that much that i will buy it again?, there is something seriously wrong, what if that happened again, thats another £55 robbed ! The other important bit i see is the "We will not disclose the cheats which were detected" BECAUSE I DONT USE CHEATS !!!! RAGE !!!! the fact my VAC status is IN GOOD STANDING even proves this as does the theatre that came with the game if you took the time to check it, it shows i'm just damn good at killing zombies in all my friends theatre's that i played with too. Their website says at Activision i quote "All infractions undergo a thorough review process by the Treyarch security team before enforcement," Not that thorough if you ask me ! Didnt check theatre, cant provide proof cause there is none! I cannot work out how this company is allowed to do this, it's Daylight **** robbery !! What's the matter Treyarch can't ADMIT YOU MADE A MAJOR F**K UP. !!! UNBELIEVABLE !!! Really angry and upset about the whole situation and surprised at Steam selling a game that they allow this too happen to the buyer / gamer ! :(
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Thank god they are banning these cheaters now. I love these threads. You never see anyone just admiting that they in fact cheated. It's always the same old story. I didn't do it,, Yeah right buddy. You cheated and they banned your ass. You do realize that they can go back and watch your played games as well as watch you live. You can beat VAC but you can't beat the eye test. Just because your hack is considered undetectable doesn't mean that you can fool someone watching you cheat. I can't wait for more of these threads. You cheat you get banned. Suck it up and deal with it. We have to deal with you ruining games because your a cheater.

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Up yours you ignorant fool. I would love them to go back and watch every single moment of my games and have even commented about that. Didnt you read it properly? The fact is they haven't checked or i would not be banned, this is either their report system flooded with fake reports as i was number 1 from haters and they didnt check or they are corrupt and there is something else going on and they are refusing to give details to prove anything, all it proves is they messed up and cant admit it. Not only do the theatres prove my innocence it can also be seen in the theatres of some of the top players from around the world i played with and hit high rounds with getting into the top 10 for most maps, all of who are still there not banned with their theatres there to see and prove i play legit ! Feeling stupid yet? I have been at the top of high score tables all my life in many different games whether racing or fps's through my own ability and skill, even in finals of arcade championships for Daytona in London when younger, I have never used a hack in my life so F**K you pal, are you really that stupid that you think they cant have made a mistake? Hell i would play in front of anyone and show it, check my youtube channel and you would see i play legit and am damn good at killing zombies. It's if you got the balls to check and see your wrong ! Check Mars out as that's the craziest most confined area with teleporting zombies too ! although the ending of ottawa is probably one of my favourites as so frantic. It's severely bad ass zombies which i love, the harder the better, i love being scared and that's why i play, using cheats would bore me and i would have no interest in playing hence why i never use them nor do i need too nor will i ever. You will see me play custom zombie maps from world at war cod but any muppet can see i am just a great player, there is some clips also of black ops I too , i never got chance to record my theatre from black ops ii and upload to youtube as was too busy playing which is how i earned my number 1 stats. But i will get one of my friends to record me from his theatre from a game and upload it soon. I played many many hours to get where i was and deserved the rank and position i had 100%. As for admitting cheating maybe you should read my profile where i was being attacked by hackers who stated that they used them and one commented due to me hitting 100,000 kills that he was going to release his hack to the public so more could pass my no life ass up as he put it ! so hackers not admitting it ? kinda blows another one of your up your own as*hole presumptions to the wind too. Before commenting you really should know some facts! MORON ! Take offence to me calling you names? well i take offence to you calling me a cheat when i'm not. I am pursuing this as far as i can take it with trading standards and activision, i'm a 40 year old Gamer not a snotty nosed adolescent. Good day Hater !
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Wow getting band for no reason has got to suck especially if you are #1 on the leader-boards without cheating.
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Yeah it sucks BIG TIME. The ridiculous thing is i quote " nor will we provide the date and time the infraction took place." I believe they cant provide it because there is no proof, someone just looked at all the fake reports using the inbuilt system and presumed wrongly without checking, i have not broke the user agreement yet they are in breach of it. My friends i play with 95% of the time are also at the top of the scoreboards, we are just very good and play a lot together. All i can say is don't play that good guys n gals that you get to the very top of scoreboards, not only are you gutted when hackers cheat their way to the top infront of you when you earned it, the attention you may get bring some really nice comments but also you find you get a lot of haters and personal attacks, after that you might find yourself being banned for no reason and all your long hard sessions with competitive friends has been for nothing, leaving you feeling like someone's kicked you in the balls and is standing there laughing about it in front of you and no one wants to know or help . If only you could smack them in the trap then kick them when they go down ! :(
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Again, call Activision. This is not Steam's issue, this is Activisions. Call (not email) their customer support. You need to speak with a real person on this issue. If you contest this, and there turns out to be no evidence that you cheated, this can be reversed. But you've got to fight.

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I have had to email customer support as am not willing to be calling an overseas number, there is no contact support that i can find for the UK, but the problem is with Treyarch for the ban or so i am led to believe and not Activision. Now there's a surprise lol I do feel like i'm fighting a losing battle though as i quote from @pcdev on twitter pcdev @pcdev For those of you asking why you were permanently banned: We have a zero tolerance policy on cheating. Cheater bans will not be lifted. Expand Reply Retweet Favorite More 5 Dec Curtis :) @CurtisB3321 @pcdev I'm sure in the past there have been false bans. So if its a false ban, u wont lift it? semms legit. Expand 5 Dec pcdev @pcdev @CurtisB3321 No. There have not been false bans. Oh yes there have but with this ignorant attitude and unwillingness to admit any mistakes then no investigation will be had so it seams near on impossible to get any justice from these extortionists and slanderers. So it seams its ok for this company to not follow laws and breach the user agreement, if only i had the money to take to court. I am continuing with my fight but feel like i'm just prolonging my own anguish and torture.
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Stfu Cheater
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you have to understand, so many cheaters on black ops right now... i wont be surprised if everyone stats will be wiped soon.

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I believe this is yet another way that Activision and Treyarch increase sales. Read on for why this is a logical conclusion.

Let me give you something to think about, to all those that pressume that this is all done to protect the legit from cheaters.

If this was the truth then why let these people that DO cheat get to play again by repurchasing?

All this means is that if they have the funds for this they will just come straight back into the game so you are still playing with those that cheat.

Maybe a 2nd chance? no wait 3rd chance? hang on a 4th chance? wait how much money have you got? can you not see yet how this marketing ploy and is not protecting the legit ! but a continuing way of producing revenue by reselling the product over and over again.

How this is helping LEGIT players is beyond me. Ok so the number may decrease as more that cant afford repurchase dont, but doesnt stop those that can.

Now they ask that you report using the INBUILT report system, we all know there are many jealous haters, not to mention hackers which all make FALSE reports.

So if your at the TOP of scoreboards then you WILL attract this attention even more so, same as if your a very skilled player and own someone chances are if it's a childish immature gamer then he will just report you too, hell forums are full of such examples if you ever read anything.

Now i'm going to make some quotes from @pcdev on Twitter and explain a few more FACTS !


We have already permanently banned thousands of cheaters from BlackOps2 PC. Play nice. Don't cheat. "

Thousands of cheaters all being banned based from the report system inbuilt into the game.

The game has been released only a few weeks and i quote from the Activision Banning Information Page

"All infractions undergo a thorough review process by the Treyarch security team before enforocement, and penalty is not subject to further review"

So thorough that they have been able to watch thousands of theatres of those who have NOT been detected as VAC cheats, now if you think they have thousands of staff checking this to enable them to as they put it conduct "a through review process" then ok, personaly i doubt this very much indeed.

So it doesnt take much intelligence to see that this kind of broad statement has no real meaning and is what i believe to be far from the truth, so doesnt take to much stretch of logic and imagination to realise if any LEGIT player had recieved enough False reports that unfortunately they would also get caught in this trap.

Not only that but "penalty is not subject to further review"

Ok if you know much about gaming for instance there are also lots of false positives, meaning that sometimes many things can go wrong and technical errors can produce false readings, so you might even get detected as cheating when not, yet they seam to be ignorant of this FACT as refuse as they state to not to "further review". to me it says they have NO interest what so ever and DO NOT care if you have been falsely accused. Why would they? thats another purchase you are forced to pay if wanting to carry on and play with friends.

LOOK at MW3, there is a ban appeal ! So they have either MADE MISTAKES or consider it to be OK TO LET CHEATERS BACK, thats if there reason for this is it's not a 0 tolerance policy, hence i say again THEY DO NOT CARE ABOUT THE LEGIT PLAYERS otherwise why let these cheats apply to get accounts back. Either way that makes not sense and also it also makes no sense when...

THERE IS NO APPEAL for black ops II. So now suddenly no mistakes are being made or they think it is ok to let cheaters back into MW3 but not black ops? Yes there is now a 0 tolerance policy but also NO room for any form of appeal for any reason even if it ended up being a technical error or as i know a mistake and they cannot nor will provide any PROOF (becuase there is none & it's a possibility of an extra sale). So why is this so different then MW3? They are going to have different attitudes towards different games? amongst many other questions none of which can make any sense to this situation.


Surely if a thorough review process is being done then the FACT is it wouldnt take much to record/ take details and then PROVIDE THIS PROOF to the accused and convicted instead refusing to do so. Instead they just banning them with no correspondence what so ever !

I also quote from @pcdev

5:20 PM - 5 Dec 12Curtis :)@CurtisB3321

@pcdev I'm sure in the past there have been false bans. So if its a false ban, u wont lift it? semms legit.

5 Dec pcdev @pcdev
@CurtisB3321 No. There have not been false bans.

Ok so we already assatained that with MW3 they OBVIOUSLY made mistakes to thousands of LEGIT players as there is an APPEAL link to contest this, otherwise why provide one unless they agree with letting cheaters back into the game there?

So i believe this is a blatent lie from pcdev !

The FACT that it is his belief that there have been NO false bans in the past i feel just shows how ignorant this man is amongst many others out there.

I will also add that i have come across many different reasons people are getting banned in my attempt to clear my name, for example one's that altered files for vs bots games for e.g. slowing down time etc, who also recieved permanent bans.

As far as i am aware there is NO GAIN by this therefore how can it be judged as CHEATING when no other real life person is involved or effected other than the gamer who wants to play his game his way and have fun with it?

This says to me they dont care about whether you cheat or have not, Yes you did alter files and Yes that is stated to be against the rules but supposedly because of those that do it to gain a unfair advantage hence the cheat accusations and the reason for banning, but this was done where no effect was put on ANY other gamer. People have been modding cod for years, now it has stopped and those that do get a permanent undisputable ban?? Plus dont forget there is a "thorough review process" yet no proof given? surely this does not make any sense if you use your logic, otherwise seeing these users are NOT cheating or gaining an unfair advantage if they actually looked means nothing to them!

Like i said i believe this is a marketing ploy and they do not care about the end user one tiny bit and all direction is around getting more sales.

I could go on providing you with more questions and points to all those that believe that NO mistakes are being made nor have beenuntil this changes your views on this and makes you see TRUTH and FACT !and even though they say are doing this to protect the legit players from the cheaters all the facts i present do not agree with this.

I will finish by also saying that i have ended up buying another account so i can continue to play with my friends who i have already mentioned as being at the top of the scoreboards as they are some of the BEST LEGIT ZOMBIE KILLERS IN THE WORLD

I am not prepared to ring gaining a coslty bill to an overseas help line when this attitude and points are being held on their website as it would be stupid to assume that their helpline would say any different just ending me up with an even larger hole in my pocket and end up buying again anyway.

Not only am i working my way up the kills etc leaderboards fast although wasting a lot of time doing crap like this that i should never have needed to but also i am already getting back some of my high scores in rounds survived in maps getting BACK INTO THE TOP 10 in the world !

My friend i play with EVERY DAY is also in the TOP 10 for kills still and working his way up slowly was 6th last time i looked !

There is proof everywhere that i do not cheat nor do i need to in theatres of lots of top players that i play with constantly, all of which hate cheats and hackers and are at the top of the game.

My playtime was huge and more than most of my friends hence how I was able to get to the top of the Kills, Revives, Gibs, Headshots etc Leaderboards, which placed me in direct line for these false reports using their ridiculous report system. (cant even add comments)


If you are still an ignorant fool believing there are not people out there that did not deserve a Ban then more the fool you.

But if now your starting to see the light and the real truth then please dont jump to the wrong conclusion and comment as if that person is a liar too as they have suffered enough as it is, maybe you might be right 9 times out of ten though as many say they dont when they do but YOU WILL BE WRONG at some point and that is just another kick to the balls you have given a LEGIT gamer unfairly, depressing and upsetting them even more , well i hope you feel proud of yourselves !

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#14 Posted by Dayrakies (25 posts) -
Try to Contact Activation or and I'm sure you'll be OK.
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I'll be ok if could rewind time, if not if i can push a button to NUKE the lot of them for real after what they have done to me and the way they continue to treat fair LEGIT gamers like myself the world over, not to mention pump out a game thats so full of problems every year to maximise profit with no thought for the gamers every time that cant play, cant run, cant connect, false banning, freezing, backwards tech and options etc... and a blantent lie saying 0 tolerance on cheaters when allowed to repurchase. what UTTER BULLSH*T ! Why not release one every 2 years and try get it right for once and Stop taking the Piss with Map Packs too!

Oh wait they wont do that as its a possibility of charging over double what the game cost within a year and get to do it again the next by releasing an unfinished game again and so on, and thats what market research can do if abused. They know we will keep buying and get bored of maps (hence the true reason for them stopping providing the tools to create our own ) and know we know maps inside out within an alotted time frame so have planned this exactly around that. If you cant see that then your blind for sure !

Hell if they opened it back up to modding (+mapping) then maybe they wouldn't produce such a lame follow up each year too, as i beleive they are talentless fools that can only get inspiration from others ideas, oh but they stopped that home user creation and people wonder why now their game is stale and same old same old? lmao

Too many console owners think they are at the top of the tech ladder and have not seen how things have filtered through from pc to console for many years, yet now we get ports from console to PC , OMG it's ridiculous and all because of MONEY and customer base ! bottom line is YOU lose out and games are not what they should be!

So i am sorry but forgiveness will not be given to a bunch of Assho*les, extortionists and blatent liars WHO DO NOT GIVE A SH*T ABOUT YOU !

They Do NOT deserve it and will not get it from me !

I am still being ignored by EVERY Activision and Treyarch department i contact, I have sent way to many emails etc , tweets just get deleted and ignored whilst they continue to LIE and con people !

Says Exactly what i have said all along! and more and more are realising this as time goes by.

This company is the WORST in the world i have EVER known and i have been around from the start of electronic gaming, yes even worse then EA.

At least with EA you can get some from of reply from support and some justice if lucky! ( Try to kill of 2nd hand sales ! cd key assigned already + battlefield heroes? pay for time with weapons and extra's that run out? OMG what a constant rip off ! i could go on....)

I will continue to NEVER buy another CoD game if it does not come with zombies and the minute something comes along that beats that then this bunch of scum will never ever see another penny from me, and if i ever meet any of them...... i will do to them what they have done to me.


Call me a cheat and rob me then ignore me . Fu**ing Toss*rs !

If only they were a uk company i would already be in their offices banging heads against the wall like they made me do !

Just seams to me the bigger they get the less they care and more emphasis is put around dragging in the revenue instead of pushing the limits of what can be offered. Ends up being 2 totally different outcomes!

Thank god there are some decent open source based free to mod companies out there that continue to support their customer base, Treyarch and Activision could learn alot from people like MOJANG & VALVE !

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I was just wondering if the theater mode recent games ever expire
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Yes they can ban anyone they want without a reason, and knowing activision their employees most likely will do this every once in a while. It sucks. All I can say is please keep fighting if you can find the energy to do so, and please never buy from such an untrustworthy company ever again.

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He can probably get away with saying "No False Bans" because MW3 was a Infinity Ward game, not a Treyarch. So even though MW3 may have had false bans, that game wasn't made by Treyarch.

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Hello if any one has had the same problem as me but it got sorted can you please tell how and why this has happened recently on black ops 2 i reached prestige 4th and earlier on today i go back on to game and find out that i have been put right back to the start ranking system and all my stats and weapons that I got achievements and camos for but for some strange reason my player card emble that i made is still visible to me but not to the other players online and i sent a message to another player asking what rank i was thinking that other players would see me as 4th prestige not the beginners rank witch is what i am now and also on the SMAW the three achievements that you get the prestige 2 all the camos and the mastery calling card are all still visible to me and other players online and i honestly have no idea what is going on has my system been hacked into and if it has is there any way of finding out how or is this got something to do with the creators of the game because i honestly have no idea what has happened so if someone could get back to me as soon as possible and explain what you think might be happening. Thankyou
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Do they have any official statement for these recent bans and how are they catching these players?
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Nothing official, on their website they have some vague outlines but if u get banned and call Activision, they really just pass the buck onto Treyarch. Which is almost impossible to get ahold of. Activision really won't do anything for u.
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This might be completely of the subject or maybe not, but i was just wondering about the rules on boosting as ive seen people doing it but they never banned. Im talking about black ops2
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You see the whole idea of glitches is ofcourse they put them there intentionally for this whole thing to happen, they hope you BUY another copy of their game, once the glitch is very popular then they will repair it and create a new glitch in a new place. I see it happen in Battlefield 3 aswell -_- So what happened to me is; I fell into their trap accidentally. The rounds started skipping and im like wtf, fine i shall just sit here and get a good emblem before i quit, later i get permanently banned. So they make a glitch possible and they ban you for falling into it accidentally. I think this is a case for the courts. Sue them all the way back to china. Dannyk90
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So why have i been permanently banned with no reason given and all my stats wiped? Now i'm left with a game that i cannot play after paying £55 for it around 2 wks ago, and more importantly leaving me unable to play with friends killing zombies which i love to do. how after 2 weeks only have you gained top position?
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#26 Posted by fuzball53 (25 posts) -
how after only 2 weeks of having the game did you reach the position of No1
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Hey dude, try contacting the Video game regulators (no i'm not making it up, there is such a thing) we have PEGI, which is a form of regulator, but there are different ones. at the end of the day, make the loudest noise you can for as long as you can. the reason they don't review cases is because they don't get many people arguing their case that long. they'll ask if they can have it review, when they say no, they give up... meaning the game company has won. be a thorn in their arse for as long as you can. if you've got nothing to hide, (not saying you do or dont, only you really know if you have or havent cheated), why not give it a go? if it was me they'd banned, i'd be sending emails everyday, letters, phone calls would be exspensive as they're based in the US, but i'd certainly make them listen to me. at the end of the day, what have you got to lose? Good luck!
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Hi i got banned too couz somebody got on my account have you any solution or are you still banned ?
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Do you realize that you said , you had 100,000 kills in just two weeks. There's 1,209,600 seconds in 2 weeks. That means you played none stop for 2 weeks and had a kill just about every 12 seconds. And you can't Understand how you got banned.
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There should be a dispute process. If not they are opening themselves up for a lawsuit.
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#32 Posted by NotAFairbann (25 posts) -
YES! That is exactly what happened to me! I entered prestige 4, gone to the lvl 40 and bam. I got banned for no apparent reason.
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If anyone is looking for a good lag fix, check this lag comp fix: ( ) , it helped me with lag comp. Not completely but it certainly did some good!
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Just a quick note. I feel for you, I would call a lawyer and file a class action suit against all parties involved meaning go after their wallets of all the software companies that have their names on the BO2 game including Steam. What this will do is force them to pull all records of you and try to prove that you really cheated... What it all comes down to if you really cheated can be proved with a computer or console setup by them and with no hacks installed in the game that way they will see first hand that you really are a good player and deserve the No1 spot. If they so choose to remove the ban and reinstate your stats is meaningless cause if they can't prove that you really did cheat then they will be forced to review all individuals that they banned over the years and it will be very costly for them, so stand up and defend yourself man this is war like the game inplies either kill or be killed. Make them pay and they will pay dearly.. It will set them back a few years income wise but do you really think they care about us the consumer they are interested in only one thing like all big companies and that's is how much money they can make off us players. Hit them where it will hurt the most and thats their wallet, no company likes to be sued cause it digs into the one place they value the most and that's their greed for money. Greed nowadays is the leading cause for all people to want something you have. Don't be greedy with your suit but state the obvious prove I cheated or I will prove I didn't and make you pay otherwise reinstate me and I'll drop the suit. Make them want to make a deal with you to avoid a class action suit, cause from what I've read about what they did to you they don't stand a snowballs chance in hell of proving that you really did cheat.

on another note,I also own BO2 on the pc platform, through Steam. I let my 14 yr. old son play and even though I taught him how to play years ago and I was at that time a very excellent player with 1st and 3rd person shooters. Now my son makes me look like an amatuer player and if I were to get banned because of his playing and we both hate cheaters. I would sue like I stated above and show them how much better my son is over me with a live demonstration of us both playing... I suck at BO2 so bad at the hardest setting, it's fairly easy in the beginning but after a couple of levels I'm always forced to lower the difficulty cause the game gets too real life... I like to do stupid crap in-game which make me get killed way too easly haha... but hey it's only a game who cares if it takes me a year to beat it at least I'm having fun. My son on the otherhand can beat any game you give him in less than a day on the most difficult setting and if they think he's cheating then they better be ready for me to attack cause I don't play games with my wallet.

I'm a long time player through Steam since Halflife 2(was friends with a CS2 clan and almost joined the clan back then) was released and I own almost 100 games now and I'll tell you some of these games on the pc platform are really difficult and since I don't have the coordination I used too I'm not as good anymore playing them. My son keeps trying to get me to buy my own xbox360 so we can play head to head, he already has a xbox360 I can't hold the controller correctly, so I humor him when playing co-op.



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I've had the exact same thing happend to me! And I've already started to get better and better at the game. For example, for 2 months ago my K/D was around 0.50 - 0.60, and my K/D is now (was, if they've reset my f-ing stats...) around 0.80 - 0.90. But my W/L hasn't changed at all, it's still only around 0.40 - 0.50
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I have recently been banned from cod black ops. I play on xbox and it my favorite game. I did call activision two times. First time I was hung up on talking about mad. I waited for two hours to talk to the representative . Then called back the representative waited another two hours. He told me it was final and it can't be reversed. He said they don't make mistakes and he also said if you report someone can go down with them. Now if that's so why put these report player if you just going to banned the player doing the right thing. Activision is ass backwards. I hate cheaters they keep doing this to real gamers there just going to have a bunch of cheaters playing. If they don't unban me though I will not buy another activision game.
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Here's a video its not the best because it off my phone.
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because hacker's have all the technical knowledge of How not to get banned LOL __________________________________________ Battlefield 3 Glitch