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GS seems to be posting more reviews than it used to but they're not easy to find unless they happen to make the headline banner. There needs to be a listing of the latest 5 or 10 reviews. I think that would serve the community better than the apparently random listing of articles, features and what-not currently in the center column of the page.

User blogs are gone completely from the home page since the revamp. I know I heard something about adjustments to that system, but it's been months.

Finally, editors seem to be posting their articles as news when they're not, such as editorials and general commentary. I'm guessing because there is no clear section listing those items and their postings aren't getting read... Overall it's difficult to keep on top of anything other than news on the revamped site.

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I would suggest not using the site's own search tools to seek out things. They are uselessly shitty at this time of writing.

Instead, you may want to know that stuff at GameSpot is Google-indexed (as is typical for a CBSI website). You can use Google to search instead by adding the "site" parameter to mention GameSpot, e.g. "".

Also, use the tabs instead of the front page - the front page cycles through content too erratically.