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Can we please go back to being a paid site..These advertisements are really starting to be annoying..Its uncalled for between you guys an ign...Miss the old gamespot really..Was such a better web page with no annoying advertisements please do away with these..I know its a way for you guys to make money...Think this web page was way better off being a paid web site..

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No turning back, dude.

Besides, really, you pay to make the advertisements go away? If you do, you are being silly.

You should be using blocking tools, like AdBlock Plus, to make the ads go away.

(Note: If you are really that silly, I don't think that using AdBlock Plus would help you because its default settings will mess up your browser's attempt to surf GlitchSpot.)

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First off its not being silly..You cant even watch a video with out advertisement in the back ground..At least give a way to turn the crap off while your trying to watch some thing..There is way to turn back..These adds are making them money an that's the bottom line but its not fair to people who are trying to enjoy watching a video..An I bet that ad blocker doesn't even work on the web page.

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unfortunately, the old site layout will not be coming back. all you can do is ignore them, or use ad-blocking plugins for the appropriate browser.

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You can block the "advertisement" in the background too.

What you are referring to is actually a stretched MP4 playing on a Flash object that has been designed to fit the background.

You can use a blocking tool to block its source, which is as follows:

Really, again I repeat: you should learn to use blocking tools, because the old site isn't coming back.

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gel I understand the old site isn't coming back.Cant we how ever use a off button for not listening to the advertisements..Its a simple tool to install for your player fan base..Cause really no one wants the advertisements there..Its foolish if you ask me..AN gamespot used to be such a great place to watch vids now its annoying an one shouldn't have to use a adblocker...

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Well too bad for you, dude.

GameSpot's not that kind of site anymore - hasn't been since its founders sold out to C-NET and even after C-NET was taken over by CBSI.

Especially after it was taken over by CBSI. In its wisdom, CBSI saw the subscription scheme for the bullshit that it is and scrapped it, effectively making GameSpot as a site solely dependent on ad revenue.

The ads are staying - either you block them, or you watch them.