Bare Bones but Fun

User Rating: 6 | Ford Street Racing XBOX
This is a bare bones game. No replays, no car model tweaking, only 4 colors to chose from, 6 to 8 basic tracks, 3 divisions with 8 cars each, terrible sound, but with all that said, this game is fun. I decided to write a little something after seeing the 4.1 Gamespot score.

While the game does have a solo mode, in which you race a single car, it's not that big of a deal deal. The game also boast a challenge area to gain some extra cash to buy cars. The challenges are fun, and add a bit more depth to the game than just cash, because cash is irrelevant to some degree with the ability to race the same race over and over again to get the cash for the best cars.

Still I say...The game is fun!

Team Challenge is where it's at. It's short; figure 5-7 hours for all gold and 100% challenges; but the ability to race 2 or 3 cars at once, and jump from car to car rocks! While this sounds like it might be tricky, the controls are very intuitive, and soon you will be slingshoting (drag), and blocking out traffic to victory. Don't look at it as a bad sim but a new take on an arcade race, and you'll soon be wanting to see this feature on the next Burnout. Oh that sounds awesome! Wait and see. This game is a gem in the rough, and I hope another developer picks up on the idea. $20.00 - Easy money for a weekend game with your friends hangin at the house. You can get more mileage out of the game with 2 people.