What a rip- off.

User Rating: 3.8 | Ford Street Racing XBOX
I bought this game in february it was good for the first 5 minutes and now the game has just lost it's coolness. It is too easy, I unlocked all the cars within 4-5 hours and there isn't a soundtrack. It's only got 18 cars that have been modeled out reasonably, but the handling and engine sounds are very far from realistic, and has But there are some good points of the game though: it has 18 best fords from the capris and fiestas to the Ford GTs and Sierra RS 500 cossys. The team thing is pretty cool since you get to race more than one car. If you found anything else that I never put in there, it's rubbish. Compare it to Most wanted, Forza, or even Ford racing 2, this game is abysmal. If you just like other racing game, don't buy it, but if you love ford so much, just rent this game first.