If Folklore's Unquie battle system does not suck you in, its story will be sure to catch your attention.

User Rating: 9 | FolksSoul: Ushinawareta Denshou PS3
Folklore was one of the few games I wanted when the PS3 first came out it took som long hunting for it but I was able to get it and I'm glad I did.

The game starts off by Main Character Ellen getting a letter from her mother who had supposedly died when she was a child. She heads to the village of Doolin to unravel the mystery behind her mothers note.Upon arrival she witnesses sombody fall of the clife into the see, never to be seen. While she receives her letter the other character Keats, is closing up for the night for his occult magazine when he gets a call. the lady on the line says "Help, these Faeries they'll kill me." Looking for the reason behind the mysterious voice he travels to Doolin, where he to sees the lady fall of the cliff and die. There destinies are entertwined, only completeing both characters through the netherworlds will the story unfold.

The game has two very different types of gameplay the first, takes place in Doolin, talking to the villagers will reveal more about what happened in the past. You might have to get clues from people or pick up items that will open the gates to the Netherworld (land of the dead and Faery Folk). Once inside the Netherworld you are to combat using various different types of monsters, some allow you to destroy crystals that block your bath and some must be used to beat certain types of enemies. Though Ellen and Keats do have the same attacks for the most part, there are some monsters Keats cannot get and some that Ellen Cannot get.

The game also has many mission you can take on in the pub as well as ones that are downloadable. Ellen may be the only one to collect costumes, but they give her a slight advantage in battle.

Folklore has many strong points its combat is unique, and the abilites of the mosters and carefully planning of which attack to use adds uniqueness to an otherwise over used battle system. The music is also a plus of the game and one thing I will remember Folklore for. if you can still find this game and espeically for 20 or below its completely worth it. 9/10